The Impact of Swine Flu on the Human and Animal Health

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The African Swine Fever (ASF) virus has infected domestic pigs and wild boars this year, that devastated the swine industry in several countries, including Southern Europe and Asian Countries like Hong Kong and China. The Bureau of Animal industry (BAI) says that there have been cases of canned goods being delivered in the Philippines that contains swine virus and because of this, BAI gave warning to the industry and acknowledgement for this catastrophic threat on our country. Mary Joy Coloso, grade 9 student of San Jacinto National High School (SJNHS) stated that, she is afraid what might happen if this virus reaches our country since she likes to eat luncheon meats and this virus will stop her from eating those. Clarke Espares, grade 8 student of SJNHS said that he is now afraid to eat pork or luncheon meats because it might affect his health and his family, so he is looking forward for the solution on this issue. Likewise, Hillary Bridget Almoete, former student of SJNHS, said that, “This virus is pretty dangerous, it can be a start of some major plague or disease that may spread to humans through meat consumption. It is very alarming.”

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However, the BAI pointed out that the pigs are mostly affected because it can easily kill them but still advised the humans that pork should be properly prepared as there are also other pathogens that could be transmitted to the consumer. Concerned nurse and parent, Mrs. Josephine Giga said that everyone should be aware of this virus and be careful on what to serve to the children by always checking the brand of the canned goods to avoid being fooled by the fake an unhealthy food sold by illegal vendors. “Always check the labels whether it is approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) or not, before eating it,” she added.

Dr. Rachel Azul, leader of BAI’s virulogy section, stated that, “ASF would have a significant impact on pig health and production and contribute to enormous economic losses.” Even China, the world’s largest consumer of pork products, made the farmers lose billions of dollars due to mandatory culls. “I know that my pig is safe,” Mrs. Noemi P. Genova, a hog raiser said. She is very certain that her pig won’t carry this virus because she always makes sure it has the complete vaccination and she makes sure that her pig is always clean and feed it with safe foods. In addition, Salvador Almoete, a hog raiser, said that if the pig did not have the complete vaccination it needs, it will possibly possess ASF virus and this is a big factor that might affect the hog industry and maybe the individual business of the hog raisers.

Like Norie Espenilla, a hog raiser, she is afraid what might happen to her pigs since she does not have the time to go for the vaccination and is troubled that it might affect her business. “I will just go ask the advice of the office of the Agriculture in this problem,” she added. So the solution that Mrs. Alma Adiation, a parent, has thought of, is to spread the awareness of this virus to all the people so that everyone will have the instance to avoid being caught up with any diseases or infections. “Before getting luncheon meats, examine it and notice every part of it, make sure it is not differently odd, and also examine other kinds of food that might be infected by the virus, just in case,” Hillay Almoete stated.

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