The Impact of Religious Values on One's Worldviews

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Humans have struggled throughout the centuries with the complication and doubt of our humanity. I ask myself, when I think about worldview, is what we are as humans? Which I find to be difficult and does not have an easy answer. My first understanding of what we are as humans is based on the framework of the worldview in which we are raised in. I see a worldview as not something that comes overnight; it is something that surrounds you for your whole life outlining how in which you live.

Several people have their perspective of worldview mapped out for them through the rules of religion. Others, such as myself, base much of their perspective by the individuals they encounter while growing up. It is difficult to pinpoint precisely what impacts have formed my perspective. My perspective has been molded and extended throughout my lifetime by numerous impacts which incorporate my family, companions, associates, and educators. Even strangers have an impact on my life by how I see society and my general surroundings. Working in retail I deal with strangers on a daily basis. Through my years of working in retail, customers have for sure changed my view. People can be very inconsiderate and have no patience. People have made me view the world in a little bit more of a negative way. Although customers are being rude and obnoxious, I always try to kill them with kindness. It never hurts to be nice even when they are not. For example, this one time while I was working in the copy center and this lady came into pick up celebration of life cards done up for her mother’s passing. The problem was the people who did up the cards did them wrong, and the lady got very angry. I communicated with her by telling her I would redo the cards for her free of charge. She was very pleased with the offer and appreciated my work. Sometimes you just need to be positive in a negative situation.

My Mom has had the biggest impact on how I view the world to this day. Although people and situations get me down, she always sees the positive side. My Mom has taught me several life lessons and even if I disagree with the lessons she has taught me, she has never been wrong. My mom has been the person in my life that has been influencing me with knowledge and, instructing me that life is made of relationships that we experience and connections in those relationships which shape our lives. Interpersonal communication has played a role in my relationship with my Mom. My mom and I use all of the active listening skills to communicate when a problem occurs or something is on one of our minds. My mom has showed me over the years to look at the world as a positive place, as there is not much to lose but to be happy. Although I find it difficult to do because of how others have treated me, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason even if it has a negative impact, as that is how we learn and thrive.

My parents have influenced me to acknowledge what a huge effect connections with others have in our lives have on life, rather it being good or bad. Relationships remain to have a big factor on my worldview, which leads to my Mom’s and I relationship. We have a bond that lots of daughters wish they had with their mothers. Of course, there are times we struggle with communication as we are both going through the “change of life”. There is no doubt that my Mom has been an influence since the day I was born on how to view the world and I am very thankful it has been a positive one.

As I have become older and matured, I look back on my life and I am grateful for the opportunities that my Mom and Dad both gave me to do all the sports and extracurricular activities I did. They never held me back and encouraged me to try everything I was interested in. Having the chance to do so much starting at such a young age made me look at the world in a different viewpoint. I am also grateful for the opportunity to attend a summer camp, called Camp Squeah, which is a Mennonite based camp. Camp Squeah for definitely has made a huge impact on my worldview. At camp you do not need to worry about anything, you can be yourself and no one will judge you. I attended the camp as a camper for 5 years with my best friend Paige who I have now been friends with for 15 years. After my 5 years at camp, I went back to do the training programs to become a staff leader. During my many weeks of training, I found myself being influenced not only by my surrounding friends but God. Working with many different individuals, communication was the biggest factor when it came to being organized and still having fun. Summer camp was all about having fun.

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I have never had a super strong religious background growing up, I went to church every Sunday and attended the preschool that was run by the church. I was very young when I went to church, I never thought of God as I did when I attended Camp Squeah. I saw religion in an all new perspective. Then I became an age where I thought people who went to church were boring and could not have fun. I guess I just thought they were boring. Camp definitely changed my view on that thought. Through communication, I met some of the sincierest, loving and fun people!

In elementary school I never cared what people thought of my identity. I dressed the way I wanted and I styled my hair in the same fashion. Then came high school. It was not until grade ten that I started to question my identity and doubt my self-esteem. I would wake up every morning ensuring my hair was done nicely and my outfit was put together. It was in high school that I changed my identity all due to other people’s opinion of me. I have never been one to judge others or be the jealous type. Although there were some peers that shunned me out just because some boy liked me, but my feelings were not mutual. I do have some highlights of my time in high school that influenced my worldview, and that would need to be my teachers. I was so blessed with my teachers that I have had especially my high school teachers. They showed me different ways to view the world when going through different experiences in life.

We had such close relationships. I still to this day go back to visit them on a regular basis. My teachers made my high school journey memorable. They were there for me when none of my peers were. Some teachers and I would laugh together, we would cry together. I feel I could never express my gratitude to the teachers that made my high school journey one to remember. From influencing me, to motivating me when I was wanting to give up on a school project or to giving me advice about life, they changed my view of the world in a positive way. All because we had such close bonds and I am forever grateful for that.

Lastly, ball hockey has been a place where I have made friends and relationships. I have now played for five years through the RMMBHA league. Being the only girl on an all-boys team can be a little nerve wracking at first. My first year playing ball hockey and being the only girl on my team, I was scared the team and coaches were not going to talk to me or respect me as an equal player on the floor. That was not the case. I fit in just like one of the guys. Even though other coaches and players on other teams would say rude comments to me because I was a girl. Four years later and I never once regret playing with the guys, I have built unforgettable relationships. Of course, throughout the years there has been those people who think girls should not play hockey as it is a “boy sport” but that just motivated me to be a better, stronger player as well as a team player. It has taught me over the years that communication in sports is the key to success. After my years playing hockey I am now head coaching the peanut division for the RMMBHA and could not be more excited. I get to communicate to my team the skills I have learned over the years and have them apply it in their games. As well, because they are so young, communication is a great way to teach them where they can fix their errors.

A worldview is simply just a reflection of what one’s life has become. One must reflect back on their life and their choices to truly understand their meaning and why they are here. Through family, friends, community, and life experiences, one’s worldview is shaped and molded as the years go by. It is something that is difficult to grasp, but is quite therapeutic to look back on and see what has made you into the person you are today. It brings out the values and beliefs you have found true in yourself and the relationships and experiences that have changed your life. My worldview is positive and an honest assessment of my life thus far and I hope to continue living my life the same way. There will always be negative things in life but that is just life, but that is where I take those negative experiences and turn them into good. I do this by communication not only to others but myself. Communication is a huge factor when it comes to shaping my worldview or any worldview for that matter. Interpersonal communication is something I have learnt in this Human Services class and will use in the rest of my life to bring positive in to the world I live.

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