The Ideas in The Biography of Malcolm X: The Struggles of an Outcast in American Society

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Alex Haley, Born on August 11, 1921, in Ithaca, new york and served in the U.S. Coast Guard for 2 decades before pursuing a career as an author. He eventually helmed a series of interviews for Playboy magazine and later co-authored The biography of Malcolm x.

The biography of Malcolm x is the story of Malcolm x, an African American male growing up in u. s. in the mid-1900s. At now in America, prejudice and segregation were widespread and a part of a lifestyle. Malcolm takes the reader through his experiences with American society, that rejects him. This rejection, alongside the inferiority cast upon all Black Americans, forces these males to look for acceptance. they're forced to look for purpose in causes larger than single people. because the book shows, this is often evident in Malcolm throughout his life and in the lifetime of different African American males.

In the autobiography of Malcolm x, Malcolm has many ideas he gets across in his book, however the two main ones that stood out to me was how he described “The Similarity Between Hustling and Activism” Malcolm gives up gambling, smoking, and crime while in jail, his experience as a teacher after jail is similar in ways to his earlier experience as a hustler. Malcolm retains insights, skills, and values from his years as a hustler that serves him in his later role as a religious authority and media personality.

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He additionally gets across “ A change in how you see racism” Malcolm’s changing views of America’s racial issues mirror the event of his character. When, as a child, he sees each of his parents destroyed by white society, he feels despair regarding the condition of blacks. His perspective changes, however, once his experiences in the black ghettos of Boston and new york develop in him the philosophy that black individuals shouldn't settle for help from white people. The teachings of the Nation of Islam that he receives in jail result in a further change in both Malcolm’s character and his view of white people.

Like in each book there are many main characters involved and in the autobiography of Malcolm x, he has three that formed him into the person that he was. Elijah Muhammad, The leader of the state of Islam. Malcolm treats Elijah with immense respect even before he is aware of him, writing him letters daily while still in jail. Betty, Malcolm’s wife, Betty endures his busy traveling and work schedule, gives birth to 5 of his kids.

Reginald, Malcolm’s younger brother. Malcolm’s later justification of Reginald’s eventual insanity as retribution for sinning shows Malcolm’s commitment to the principles of Islam.

The style and format of this book were both aggressive and passionate and you'll be curious why, well Malcolm shows aggression towards the actual fact that his individuals are following the white man rather than their own culture however he features a passion to clarify why he’s angry regarding it and why it’s so important to him to open their eyes.

The part of the book I found to be most fascinating is in chapter eleven “saved” once Malcolm needs to improve his writing skills, he begins to read constantly staying up half the night to study in his cell. He says that reading awakens his “long-dormant desire to be mentally alive.” This part interests me because he shows the value of knowledge {and how|and the way} good it makes you feel as an individual also he shows the North American nation how you don’t have to repeat a cycle you can break it and become an improved version of yourself.

I would definitely advocate this book, it’s one amongst those books that makes you feel like you knew the character like it was a relative. This book made me feel like I felt each feeling he felt and a book like this is often a well-written book. The method it’s written the details of every scenario creating the reader understand the entire context and not just part of it.

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