The Examples Of Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The theme, ¨don´t judge a book by its cover,¨ is a common appearance in the book. One example, is when they say Tom Robinson is guilty because of his race. Due to his race he went to jail for ¨raping¨ Mayella even though he didn´t. When he went to jail, he ran away and he got shot, they tried to wound him but they killed him. Even people think a white man wouldn’t even rape her so they just assumed that the ¨negro¨ did it.

Next example of ¨don’t judge a book by its cover,¨ is that Mayella was judged by the town while her trial was going on. People thought she was mentally unstable because of her non stop crying, but it was really her dad who had raped her, not Tom Robinson (Lee 180). Mayella was judged for crying, for something that had happened months ago, but she was upset for lying. Also, there is another example for ¨don’t judge a book by its cover,¨ is when people judge Boo Radley. They judge Boo Radley because he was a scary ¨monster¨. Everyone in their neighborhood said he was a scary monster, because he never was outside of his house, and his house was also eerie and spooky. Later on in the story, you will find out that Boo Radley help Jem and Scout from Bob Ewell when Bob tried kidnapping and harassing Jem and Scout.

To conclude this theme analysis, Harper Lee talks about and shows the difference between race and mental disabilities. Also, Harper Lee shows and talks about how we shouldn’t ¨judge a book by its cover.¨ We need to get rid of evil energy, work together to show our similarities and our differences, and bring good energy among new people.

The character that´is mostly affected by the theme ¨don’t judge a book by its cover¨. One of the reasons this theme affects Tom is, because this was when blacks were found apon and blacks are harassed. The most key part of this theme versus Tom is when he was accused of raping Mayella Ewell, Tom never did rape her nor even lay a finger on her. Later on, there is a court trail for the ¨raping¨ of Mayella. During the trial Mayelle was very scared and nervous because she knew and was afraid because she knew that her dad had raped her and not Tom (until my father explained it to me later, i did not understand the subtelty of Toms predicament; he would not have dared strike a white woman under any circumstances and expect to live long, so he took the first opportunity to run- a sure sign of guilt (Lee 77). Also another example about being a black man 1933 is very tough, (As a black man living in a white world, hes doomed from the start 

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