The Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Child's Education and Academic Success

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This study examines the correlation between the effect’s family dynamics and family stressors say a child’s education and academic success. The data has been pulled from four prior research studies that were conducted in 2004, 2013, 2014, and 2017. Socioeconomic status is when the individual’s experience and social position is compared with another individual’s income, experience or position. There are five classes, upper, upper-middle, middle, working and lower (Bird Robert, and Newport Frank, 2018). These labels are representatives of the social classes in America, researchers use these classes for targeting populations, collecting data and analyzing statistics. Researchers have gathered information by collecting data that explain the difficulty Americans have when placing themselves in a social class (Bird Robert, and Newport Frank, 2018).

The American schooling arrangement is set up in three phases, elementary school, middle school and high school. It is often discussed how socioeconomic status’ of families affects the education and academic success of the children. Researchers have examined target populations, school systems, success levels and family status conclude the correlation between SES and academic success. Judith Stull gathers information from Pianta Cox stating teachers in schools with more poverty and minorities reported to have more difficulties (Stull, 2013). As research increases the results bring more awareness and discussion to surface. Researchers have suggested that these effects are because of genetic impacts, environmental experiences to toxins, ability to have medical care and psychological social influences (Chen, 2004).

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Family factors can play a huge role of the behaviors and performance ability for a child in the classroom. These family factors insist on financial steadiness, inconsistencies in the relationships of family members, attitudes of guardians and child abuse. Researchers Chetty and Hendren concluded that relocating a child to a better neighborhood can influence the decision of college attendance, teen pregnancy, and the level of their income later (Chetty Raj and Hendren Nathaniel, 2015). The effects of being raised with a poor socioeconomic status can result in many consequences, which can be caused by the background, family structure, the salary, and the environment a child is raised in.

Article Summaries

This article examines childhood through the socioeconomic status and physical health. Throughout the study, the researchers list many factors that play into the socioeconomic status affecting the health of children. They discuss the research found on stress affecting the lower SES children’s and adults more than those of higher SES. Evidence has been found that stress correlates SES to health factors. It is often shown that lower SES shows more negative emotions than higher SES that could lead to poor health. The SES community may experience more anxiety and depression due to stress and negative emotions. The anxiety and depression affect physical health and can often be a gateway to illnesses, like heart disease. The researchers gathered data and information from previous research studies and compared reliability and accuracy. (Chen, 2004) Christensen, D. L., Schieve, L. A., Devine, O., & Drews-Botsch, C. (2014). Socioeconomic status, child enrichment factors, and cognitive performance among preschool-age children: Results from the Follow-Up of Growth and Development Experiences study. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 35(7), 1789–1801. doi: 10.1016/j.ridd.2014.02.003

They conducted this study by using a case—control study, focusing on the socioeconomic status of children. Their research took place in two different environments, a hospital that helped lower SES and then a hospital that helped middle-to-high SES. During this case, study they conducted interviews, an assessment test and observed preschool attendance. It was stated in the study that both individual and population level SES might play into the child through cognitive development. (Christensen, D. L., Schieve, L. A., Devine, O., & Drews-Botsch, C., 2014).

This study was named the largest study related to socioeconomic levels and the effects of genetics on the cognitive aspect of development. They directed this study by matching birth dates, and the school administration files and then compared the results to the given hypothesis. The hypothesis stated that higher cognitive achievements and levels are from the environment. The study compared the files to the hypothesis and found no correlating evidence for genetics influencing cognitive achievements. They found consistency with some finding that related to the hypothesis, but the results varied so much it resulted in contradiction. (Figlio, D. N., Freese, J., Karbownik, K., & Roth, J, 2017)

Stull, J.C. (2013). Family Socioeconomic status, parent expectations, and a child’s achievement. This study examines the effects the socioeconomic status has on a child’s achievements and accomplishments. It begins by stating the percentage difference of the expectation’s parents of different SES have on their children earning degrees. The population is gathered from a sample of children who were in US kindergarten in the spring of 2000. They concluded that it is impossible to raise a child’s family SES but it is possible to grow in awareness and understatement of how SES affects the children’s achievements and conditions. (Stull, 2013)

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