The Discussion Surrounding Mandatory Military Draft

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A military draft is a form of conscription, that requires individuals between 18-25 years old to enlist and serve in the military if they are eligible to join the service after assessment. Why is it that some people argue against the military draft, while others argue for the military draft? American citizenship obliges citizens to meet a cost – not just taxes, but also their time and energy devoted to the common good. The reinstatement of the draft is necessary and should be argued for, for two reasons. One, because U.S. citizens can benefit from it. And, two, if citizens choose not to go to college after high school, then they will be drafted into the military (It will give them something to do in their life).

The military draft should be argued for because many U.S. citizens can benefit from it. The benefits of having a military draft are very much trustworthy. As well as it seems, having the draft is not all that bad. “Life in the military can teach individuals… teamwork, responsibility, initiative, stress management, diversity, and global awareness,” states Source 1. Another benefit, if and when the United States has mandatory military service, is the ability to get fit, especially for those who are obese. As mentioned in Source 4, “Citizens would become stronger not only physically, but mentally as well.” Moreover, every State in the United States had reported that at least 20 percent or more were obese. Today, it is stated that “35.7 percent of adults in the United States are obese and approximately 17 percent of children and adolescents aged 2-19 years are obese (Also stated in Source 4).” But as a requirement, if any such citizen of the United States is to the point in which they are considered “obese,” they must either lose it through weight training/working out or would be drafted to serve in the military, in order to lose it. Most of which will be lost during “boot camp,” or basic training. In the same way, having a military draft will give young adults (mainly those who just graduated high school) two choices: either go into the military or go to college.

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The second reason for having a military draft is that if citizens choose not to go to college after high school, then they will be drafted into the military. It will give them something to do in their life. If recent high school graduates decide not to go to college to learn about a career they would want to major in, then they will at least learn about something, and that is their country. In today’s society, young adults that just graduated from high school, when they decide not to go to college, spend their time doing absolutely nothing. They will either spend their time playing video games all day long or spend the rest of their life as a couch potato. Taking Israel for example, “all Israeli citizens are conscripted at age 18. Women are not inducted if they are pregnant. Men are normally required to serve for 3 years and women for 2 years,” states in Source 5. Just by this evidence given, the United States should do the same, but differently and under certain circumstances. But on the other hand, there are those that want to argue against the military draft.

Some people may say that reinstating the military draft is irrelevant because the U.S. already has a plethora of troops enlisting, more soldiers do not lead to a greater army, and because people have to be provided a say in what to do with their lives. However, those who oppose the draft are wrong. Having a military draft is indeed a good thing to have, especially in times of crisis. And the opponents do have a point in thinking like that. But what they do not realize/see is that the United States military can and will provide, those who are drafted, with the necessary needs that are needed as well as the benefits that the drafted will benefit from. And now, after seeing this evidence of opposition, there is no way that it will be conceivable in agreement.

Therefore, the reinstatement of a military draft is necessary and should be argued for, not against. Society says that a draft should never arise in any way, shape, or form due to the causes and effects that it would bring upon the nation and other nations of the world, involved. But what the opposers do not see is that going into the military gives any and all volunteers many benefits, such as integrity, team-building skills, courage, organization, awareness, friendships, etc. Not to mention, that the military help reduce health problems by turning obese/unfit people, into not only physically fit, but mentally. Furthermore, a military draft can make it to where lazy bummed or “couch potatoes” will be fit and have something to do in their life.

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