The Da Vinci Code: Reading Assignment Recommendation

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The Da Vinci Code is an American classic written by the author Dan Brown. The Da Vinci Code starts with Jacques Saunière, the curator of the Louvre, getting shot by a mysterious person. The main character Robert Langdon was called upon to the scene by Captain Bezu Fache (a DCPJ of France) to interpret the secret message Jacques Saunière left behind at his death scene which was in the Louvre. This, of course, was not the case, Captin Bezu Fache had called Langdon in as the main suspect for the death of Jacques Saunière because Jacques Saunière had left Langdon’s name written right next to his dead body. Sophie Neveu (the granddaughter of Jacques Saunière) had pulled Langdon away from the scene to give him some important information (That Langdon is the main suspect of the murder). She had help’s Langdon escape from the Louvre and they set off to find the message that Sophie’s grandfather had tried to warn her about. They set off on their adventure and Sophie learns more about her grandfather, she learns he is part of a secret society called the Priory of Sion (they worship the sacred feminine and hold the secret of the Holy Grail's true identity and location). Langdon, along with his friend Sir Leigh Teabing, assists Sophie in uncovering about her family and the Holy Grail. They continue to embark on their journey until an albino Monk named Silas tries to capture the keystone. Silas was captured and taken with Langdon, Sophie and Teabing so they continue with the mission. But as they continue it turns out that the whole charade had been planned out by the “Teacher”. Langdon figures out the last clue and concludes that Teabing is the Teacher. Fache had realized he had the wrong man and had saved the day by taking Teabing into custody. With Sophie and Langdon being cleared from all the charges, Langdon figures out the last clue. That clue was that they find Sophie's long-lost grandmother and little brother in Scotland and that the Holy Grail is hidden beneath the Louvre itself.

I would highly recommend this novel to others in my class and for many people outside of class. I found this novel to be extremely interesting and made me think about many of the things I’ve learned about in religion. I would recommend this book to people that are in High School because this novel contains a lot of information which may be a bit too confusing and hard for someone younger to understand. This book is an extremely easy read, partly because it grabs that reader into the world that is being conveyed. The many conspiracy theories and symbology that is discussed gives a reader an interesting and enjoyable experience. If any of those topics interest you then the novel is just perfect.

Dan Brown's novel also isn’t for everyone though. This novel is very controversial because of its take on the view of Christianity. It would take an open-minded person to read this novel, not someone who gets highly offended by certain topics. Some may say that this novel has an extremely complicated plot and is very confusing to understand. It is true, it is a complicated plot but for one to read it, you must pay attention to the many things that are said. There are some violence and brief sexual situations that are discussed in the novel. Both don’t overpower the novel, but if any of these situations turn you off then the novel is not recommended. Last if you’re one that doesn’t like getting involved with biblical historical context and it bores you, then the book is not for you. That is because the whole novel is set around that main topic. Overall you must be interested in the many conspiracy theories and historical topics that are discussed to enjoy and understand the novel.

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