The Creation Myth And Human Evolution: The Everlasting Debate

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Every generation of people, young and old as well, come to ask questions about the origin of the universe: Where did it come from? When did it start? or How did it come into existence? Scientists, philosophers or religious believers have all tried to explain the origin of the universe. Over a long period of time, with the help of advanced technology nowadays, our knowledge of why or how or when the universe existed has expanded. People do not just ask how and when. They also ask who and why: Who created the universe? Why was it created? Scientists ask where we come from. But, as people of interest, we may ask: When our world came into being? Why we are here and where we are going? These questions will be answered here in further discussion about scientism and creationism.

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Usually, in these present days, creationism is being paired with evolution as in ‘Creation versus Evolution’ the basis of the knowledge of the reality of creationists is the bible – the Christian bible in which they believe that the universe was created by God, a God that is very intelligent, a compassionate God, a God that is good and lovable. They claim that the proof of their belief can be found in the book of Genesis where he created the universe within the duration of six days.

While on the other hand, proponents of scientism claim that the universe began from expanding. The concept of the universe was just a story in duration of the twentieth century. The universe was not in motion. Moreover, scientists observed that the universe was like an empty container, wherein molecules and atoms are freely moving away from one another. In the course of time, there in the universe the asteroids, galaxies and other celestial bodies were moving away and were struck with one another. In this statement, what appears to be ‘no-beginning-universe’ has now a beginning. What was being a static is now held moving and keeps on moving and forever it will be subject to move.

Decades ago, there were theories proposed that could explain why was our universe expanding and how it began. The theories were very nonsensical and many were objectionable. There was only one theory that erected among them and that was the Big Bang Theory yet some people reflected that this destroyed the truth about God who created the universe. If this destroyed the essence of God who created the universe, then we can conclude that big bang theory replaces God with his very essence though some said that God was not present there when the universe was created, it was only a bang.

Science and religion focus on the different point of view of the question of creation and somehow these two cannot be reconciled but they are partners in the quest for truth. For instance, the scientific theory that the world was formed gradually over millions of years is congruent of that of the church teachings and faith helps creationists know that God is the origin of all creation. We will be pondering questions about where the universe started and the relation between creation and evolution – are these two different theories oppose each other? But then, we need to examine and note the similarities or differences of two so as to derive to a good result. So, in this paper of mine, presents the misapprehension related with the view of creation and evolution. 

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