The Concept of Empathy Empathetic Servant Leadership

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Why Theresa May is a good or a bad leader? In this essay I am going to explain why Theresa May is a good or bad leader. The frame work I am going to use in this easy is “servant leadership.”. What is Servant Leadership? Servant Leadership is when someone has natural feeling who wants to serve, to serve first. Servant leadership characteristic What does It mean? Does Theresa May do this? Listening Servant leaders communicate by listening first. 

Servant leaders also recognise that listening is a learned discipline that involves hearing and being receptive to what others have to say through listening servant leaders acknowledge the viewpoint of followers and elevate their perspective Empathy Empathetic Servant Leaders demonstrate that they truly understand what the followers are thinking and feeling by standing in their shoes when a servant leaser shows empathy it validates the followers feelings and makes them feel unique Theresa May is a Britain’s Prime Minister. 

She is a Politician leader simply because she has followers also she has the support of her party's parliamentary members. She was the member of the biggest party in the UK and that is why she has been chosen to be the Prime Minister. Theresa May became the Prime Minister without an election because David Cameron resigns after UK votes to leave European Union and Theresa May was one of the next candidate to become a Prime Minister of UK which is why she didn’t need an election to become a Prime Minister, she became the Prime Minister automatically as David Cameron resigned. 

Theresa May is a good role model for many women and young girls around the world as she is female prime minister a lot of women admire her and inspired by her to achieve success in their life because there are numbers of countries around the world where the ladies do not get their right but on the other hand she is the prime minister. she has also been to many countries and inspired a lot of young people. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of having Teresa May as a Prime Minister. 

On the advantage side, according to my research I have found out that Teresa May spoke to young people on 11th October 2018 and launch the Race at Work Charter, this gives businesses a clear set of actions to work towards in helping to create greater opportunities for ethnic minority employees at work. This shows she’s a good leader as she is happily helping young people. On world homeless day the government have launched a £20m fund to help vulnerable people facing homelessness. Beginning of 2018, they launched the Rough sleeping strategy this aims to halve rough sleeping by 2022 and eliminate it by 2027. This shows she is a great leader as she is helping homeless people and she is not thinking about herself only but caring toward needy people. 

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Theresa may has done many things but one of her greatest achievement plans shows that she cares about people’s health because she has investment plan to increase the number of doctors and nurse to give better care to the patients so therefore she has a plan to invest extra £20BN in NHS department in upcoming 5 years. This shows she has a plan to improve the NHS department so it can be easily accessible and provide better service for patient. Such as NAE waiting time, survival rate from cancer. 

Approximately 7000 people alive today who would not be alive as a result of the improve performance in the NHS in treating cancer. Theresa May has said “I want to see those survival rate from cancer improve father in the future”. About £600m a week in cash will be going in to the NHS in 2023-2024, Theresa may going fund that money for the NHS through the Brexit dividend, the fact is the UK will be no longer sending vast amount of money every year to the EU once the UK leave the EU and UK as a country will contribute bit more. 

However, according to one of my research on the disadvantage side, I found out If Theresa May stay as Prime Minister in the following general election then the main worry about her would be, she is concealing her extremist views until the point that it is safe for her to act up on them and that could be simply after she gets elected. Theresa May has been campaigning to eliminate the “Human Rights Act” also to separate Britain from the European Court of Human Rights. Theresa may’s supporters says that Britain will have a ‘Bill of Right’ to supplant the Human Right Act yet this is absolutely ridiculousness the Human Right Act have been developed over decades by all European nation, which are member of the European Court of Human Rights. 

So far Theresa May have not demonstrate a single line of what that Bill of Rights about Brexit and who clearly have no consideration for ordinary people in Britain, could write a reasonable Bill of Rights which could be in the same class as the “Human Right Act’, at least. Over here I am discussing Michael Gove and all the supporters of the evacuation of the Human Right Act. Indeed, even countries with terrible records in the Human Rights sector, such as Romania and Russia are members of the European Court of Human Rights. The most terrible thing is that Theresa May’s motivation. Theresa May’s aim to remove the “Human Right Act” it is not just about rogue like Abi Qatada, it is against ordinary people who won’t get justice in English court, if not for the Human Right Act and Theresa may’s focused on immigrants, she wants to expel from the country. 

Theresa May once specified how the Human Right act was preventing her from expelling from the UK some poor devil who had nothing to do with terrorism or anything like that. Mrs May formally as a Home Secretary, she showed her locality towards the country and every living soul living in it, she made sure that she got removed of some repugnant activities such driving vehicles around with disturbing banners which includes praise such as “inviting illegal to leave the UK’. 

Finally, her lack of integrity. Indeed, even David Cameron had courtesy to say he resigned as he would not have the capacity to lead the nation into something he believed was awful for it: Brexit. At the point she comes, after declaring herself a Remain politician, to lead the nation into something Theresa May didn’t believe was good for it. No one told her that she had to do this. She simply wants power and she could well turn out to be more awful than Margaret Thatcher. 

When she took over after David Cameron to make the Brexit plan forward which was the main issue for everyone that she mention she has plan for Brexit but she has fail in many occasion to give clear Brexit plan which this debatable what is the Brexit plan that clearly shows that she’s is not a good leader because she doesn’t have a clear plan for one of the biggest issue in the country which is Brexit. In conclusion I want to sum up this essay saying. At some point she is showing caring toward people such as doing charity and investing money on NHS. Theresa May only did this just to show she is a good leader so that everyone likes her. 

Yet the truth is, she is not genuinely caring because if she was really caring then she would not take the “Human Right act”. Human rights which influences each day society and guarantees our safety, if human rights is gone for any chance then there will be a large amount who will take advantage and break the law and cause crime which is unacceptable, there are ways of going about things but cutting human rights is not one of them. Mrs May is a toxic leader as she is showing caring toward some people, she is not being fully nice to anyone. If she wasn’t a toxic leader then she wouldn’t think about removing “Human Right Act”, She would think about people’s safety first before anything else. 

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