The Comparison of Marriage Versus Cohabitation

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Love makes the world go round. It’s not money, neither is it corruption. It is Love. Love can be seen as having strong intense affection for something or someone. Love’s role is very vital in this argument. I will start with marriage first. According to my knowledge, I would define marriage as the rightful union between a man and a woman. On the other hand, I would define cohabitation as a situation where two people agree to live together whereas they aren’t married.

As we all say what is good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s also the same way they both have different pros and cons. For marriage the pros are books-long. I would only give four pros and two cons of marriage. Firstly, marriage aids procreation and companionship. God told man to multiply and fill the earth. Also, in the bible, it was recorded that God made woman as a companion for Adam. Marriage helps in giving a child two parents, which in turn can help that child develop into a very balanced and happy adult. Secondly, the financial burdens are evenly shared. In marriage one does not bear the brunt of all the expenses. The other partner helps out in any little way he/she can. Taxes aren’t as expensive or high. As such, other financial issues that deal with legalities like inheritance can be easy to handle when a couple is married. Furthermore, a lot of cultures do have religious reasons for couples to get married. Religious marriages can be a way for couples to deepen their bonds with each other, as well as help them form deeper relationships with God and receive his blessing(s). Lastly, marriage brings about fairness. This is because as one gets married he/she will have to accommodate or at least tolerate the other person. This will give space and time to work out your respective differences no matter who is in the also helps in communication skills. On the down side of marriage, finding the perfect balance is a bit tricky. Tricky in the sense that as married people, jobs will be gotten, money has to be made to keep the family afloat and so on. Finding balance with friends who will want to grab a drink or two, working late hours and not seeing each other regularly is a really demanding task that is not for the faint-hearted. Secondly, more often than not, marriages tend to get divorced. With marriages there’s always a tendency for something to go wrong, either its faithfulness or late nights. These are all issues with marriages. But as it has been said countless times, it is how you both come out of a sticky situation that matters. Patience is key and if neither of you will be patient enough to understand each other, there will be problems. On the other side of the divide, cohabitation can have its own pros and cons. Its pros include, being able to share responsibility while also being single. Here, cohabitation helps the people involved to live normal lives, as

There is no legal contract binding them. They help save money from the individual point of view as they can all go their separate ways without any major defect. Another pro of cohabitation is the fact that, those involved have a lot of time to spend in each other’s company. This is true as most couples dating have to make do with weekends or evenings. It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder but in this case of cohabitation, it makes for a great bonding experience. Other factors include being able to call it quits and it prepares couples for marriage. Regarding being able to call it quits, couples who cohabit have the freedom to pull out of the relationships without getting divorces. Here, you can know if you’re living with the wrong person or you’re with the right person. It also helps in you narrowing down what you would want in your ideal partner. Talking about preparing couples for marriage, if a random married individual is asked about marriage, they will tell you that it is by no means easy. Cohabiting also helps put people into moods for marriage. By doing this, its training the couple to know what marriage will be like instead of just jumping into marriage.

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