The Character Development of the Sherlock Holmes' Character

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“What you do in this world is a matter of no consequences. The question is what can you make people believe you have done.” This starting quote form the TV show Sherlock gives important impact in the life because the value of few words created the whole fiction and which is not less important than the reality. Sherlock for me, it is much more than the story of the Sherlock homes. Conan Doyle’s famous creation creates many modern fans and gives lot of learning in and shows the different perspective of world to live in spite of being a fictional story. What I enjoy most about Holmes series is the how delight greatly escapism is there, Sherlock (TV SHOW) is full of imagination and how liberating it is to think to live free from the mind deaden nuance. The artificial omniscience is the one of the most important factors of the show which attracted the large audience and make the Sherlock appealing. Everyone feels safe around him. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s masterpiece is published in 1887 and known by the world due to his amazing portrayal of skill, omniscience, cynic life attitude and being courteous. The use of book and portraying the amazing logical reasoning and astounding knowledge of forensic science in the set of the show and living this book in reality is like deducing the variety of information that help to find the end of the chaos as the world is the puzzle.

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Working on the set of BBC’s Sherlock can be dream to be because I think sherlock is very protective towards the family, but he is not authoritative. The whole set and the different characters in this show like John.H Watson, Professor Moriarty, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft Holmes etc are the fun to work with and lot of dedication is shown in portraying such characters, specially Professor Moriarty. The another reason to work at the set of Sherlock is induction of babies in season 4 because this can be fun but difficult, it is challenging task because you cannot be a figure of authority when it comes to work with new-borns, you have to be an indifferent, comic, loving character, guardian. In a short sentence you need to be an adaptable and dynamic and as an MBA student it would be a great opportunity for me to sharpen my skills because positive change in the skill and life stay longer then learning inside of the head. Also, working on the set of Sherlock brings lots of challenges which my temperament can be driven by apparent inadequacies of other situational factors and handling such a task and fighting the odd of others can give the sense of being a superhuman.

Sherlock in each season and episode handle the challenges alone or with Dr. Watson so successfully because he notices the things so carefully where we miss. Pay attention to detail is on the learning to calculate the probability and deduce the information. Because we are so drowned and absorbed in the world, we live that we tend to ignore the hints that can help to resolve the issue. This happen because we misses out another important learning which is give importance and focus upon what really matter because “ there is nothing more deceptive than an obvious facts” a line from the Sherlock says it all, this means that the less important information in the brain do not have any worth, it makes difficult to observe and focus on the new information or which is something important or to find what is needed. The one thing which I love about the attitude of the show which they keep at their core is never let criticism and failure change your goals and drive the negative thought in your life. Facing failure and getting criticized by people are inevitable aspect of life, however this failure and criticism doesn’t mean all is lost thing is all is not lost as long as one doesn’t lose hope in themselves. To tackle this situation, one need to be done careful planning and utilize his skills and not to allow the setbacks and criticism to stop you because both failure and criticism teaches us how not to give up to let these to rule our life. These are the values which is important to adopted in the life these are the core values for winning competitive life and working with these important values on the set might bring and I sure it will bring the change the real life because you will get to used to it when you do good and get good and who will not loves success and I think change is important, because we cant judge anyone on the appearance or face also, there is definitely more than one way to approach a problem if one approach fails there should be another way to solve it, there are few lessons I learned form sherlock. There are many others that we cab deduce on our own that is why I want to live this fictional life on the set and make this fantasy into the reality and learn through acting on it.

The light and crisp thing which I liked about this show is the chemistry between Martin Freeman and Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch). Their coordination and brilliance combined with some character perfectly placed in the story to support them. The introduction of Professor Moriarty is something which gives goose bumps and perfectly matched villain to deal with Sherlock. Also what I like the abstract idea of the way of life, Sherlock Holmes has narcissistic approach which makes him more attractive because without his narcissistic behaviour, he won’t have that arrogant show off of his intellectual prowess in every case and no one every come close to his intellectual prowess whether it is Lestrade or even Watson’s intelligence also it is just his behaviour because in the show or episode you may many times hear him saying they rather than we believing this is single most strong trait.

The reason why I also attracted to the Sherlock at first is because of Holden Caulfield ( The catcher in the rye) both have same personality pipe, smoking tobacco, hunting hat both are concerned about the important matter both feel positivity in cynic life, other than that intelligence, arrogant, witty, sociopath mask being a runt in his family make him vulnerable Sherlock childhood was not good, lost his dog, house, sister and living a apparent life and that makes him what he is which make us to like him more. Apart form being cold, drug-taking, intimidating man he is a caring person whom he feel most about them is Dr. Watson, his dog and girlfriend, at staring we cannot find him friendly and nice guy however, as the show goes on Sherlock started to become more light-hearted and he quietly gave up taking drugs and investing more time on the serious issue and well being of the other life specially friends. Of course, the dialogue wouldn’t be good without such exceptional actors. All the experience which we see can be much better if it were played in the real life who don’t want to be the part of such amazing show which indifferent and deduced puzzle in own self.

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