The Changes Of Pop Music In America

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All music post 1800’s industrialization that is in according to the taste of those in the middle class. Pop is most often shorter songs pertaining to the theme of love. “Better Now” by Post Malone. He talks about his break-up with a girl and how he thinks they needed each other, and she was better off with him. Post Malone is a mainstream artist and the song was very well written and I feel a lot of people who’ve been through a break-up can relate to it.

It came up outside the US and soon carried over into main stream pop music in America. Disco is the mix of vocals with an active beat. Dancing to disco music was very popular in the US. Disco produced around 100 to 130 beats per minute, paired with a pulse of rhythm that was emphasized.

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This “invasion” was several British groups that were influenced by American bands. Pop groups such as the Beatles swept through America. These British groups started their groups after successful American bands giving a lot of focus to their tours.

Throughout the 90’s the rise of bands made up of around 3 to 6 young male adults who’s only musical ability was to sing and dance. These were known as boy bands. Their optics were most important to them. Yes, music is still used as a form of protest but it’s still considered a form of counter culture, so it doesn’t fall in line with standards made by the media. For the most part those who protest through music are usually underground musicians and don’t get the attention most mainstream artist get.

Music has become too commercialized nowadays. Most mainstream artists who make music don’t really focus on the quality of the music as much as the quantity and popularity. I believe most artists nowadays just focus more on the money and fame rather than the quality of music. At least this occurs after they become more mainstream. Underground artists focus more on the quality since they still haven’t made it mainstream.

Technology has completely changed the game for musicians. Nowadays with the touch of a button the whole world can hear an artists’ music. Soundcloud has allowed for artists to put their music on the internet for free for the world to hear. Car radios allow people to hear any music they want while traveling in their cars. Bluetooth now allows anyone to listen to music on a speaker, radio, and headphones without any wires or cables necessary.

Pop music is most of the time created with extravagant lyrics about adventures young people go on or get caught up in like drugs or crazy parties. Pop culture promotes these crazy times filled with parties, dancing, drugs, girls, etc. These are promoted by the culture on to the younger viewers. For example, Drake. He makes songs that last about 2-4 minutes and usually pertain to heart break or certain stories of his life. As well as the typical parties and drinking of some young adults. Drake is someone who learns to adapt to the culture and the different and various cultures that have been around and that have come around.

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