The Challenges in Budget Airline Service Marketing and Recovery Strategies

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Budget Airlines are the low cost carriers which keep their fares and prices low or limited from the other airlines competitors. The main aspect of these airlines is that they don’t provide any food and drink service in the flight. They also keep very low fines from the airlines when they are on time. They usually use only one type of airlines. EASY JET A319, Amsterdam is an example of low cost carrier airlines. They are operated in a very high value on minimizing cost with a very long establishment services and facilities provided in terms of fares which results in low fare and high comfort. For example, Indigo airways in India and Jetstar airways in Australia. In case of North American airlines, some of them mark as budget airlines despite of giving very good facilities such as steady catering services standard beverages, premium cabins, Wi-Fi internet and in-flight audio and video systems. These type of airlines are basically called running with difficult services.


Service Blueprint

In case of the current situation of airlines industry the major problem is rising of oil fares. As the crude products is not available all the time from the deep marine services. There are also a very less countries where these product is not available but is only available in Middle East Asian countries such as UAE, Kuwait, etc so from where we can believe that becomes very complicated to get oil. The effective change of a productive price in a firm is on the quantity demand of the product is limited. It is collaborated with the price Elasticity of the demand. Another major aspect is not only the non availability of the flights in a regular period but also the over-crowded passengers where they don’t get seats in time are the cons. The front stages activities are the airlines should make reservation systems like the various modes of payment system in which the customer will feel some sort of security if one mode is not working then they will depend on the optional mode.

The information system should be improved if something urgency happens then they should get notified. The check in system facility should be there as for the passenger the seat reservation system is fine but in case of extra luggage, the system should be made as there would be no difficulties face by the passengers. The medical facilities such as dispensary should be provided to them if any health problems occur. There should be modified food services like hygienic types. The line of visibility includes the boarding pass is checked. The parking ticket is sold. The customers should be assisted through the metal detectors. The passenger luggage bags should be given a boarding pass. The main interaction is to examine the effect of pre-flight, in-flight and post flight service quality on passenger satisfactions.

Servicescape Strategy

The passengers are influenced to cost particularly for short flights. The passengers want each and every facility like catering services, Wi-Fi services, etc. They don’t want to pay extra money for other unnecessarily things require to them. The network airlines maintain a traditional strategy offering high class amenities with comfortable flights. Depending upon the length of the flights, the frontline carriers are perceived with the proposal of long distant flights. These flights take the decision to limit the cost by reducing the quality of in-light flight. The reduction of cost is achieved by the improvement mode in logistics and processes. Another airline is the regional airlines where there is sufficient demand to attract the services from major service. They use low capacity aircrafts in order to operate shorter distance. It is optional because they drop the passengers to main destination or mainline market where the demand doesn’t warrant the use of larger planes. Charter airlines are the low cost flights which includes hotels, ground transportation and travel agencies. They are linked directly with these subsidies system. Here the seat only service is not competitive as most of them use vertical system to generate a demand in areas.

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Service Quality

The change of speed and intensity in airlines industry is moving quickly. In the airlines market, the challenges are becoming really tough because the needs and wants are varying rapidly as the mind of the customers changes. In most of the service quality, the passengers need them as a multi-dimensional way. The service qualities are determined by the gap between their level of perceptions and exceptions of actual performance. In most of the cases the customers may not receive the service of level as they expected much more before the actual service. The performance of the service falls depending upon the expectation of above expectations and under expectation. The expectation is not acceptable when service quality is not acceptable and when quality is acceptable then than expectation is acceptable. Complaint Process

The steps should be followed for the customers are first of all you should listen to them about what aspects they are complaining to you. You should take some time after listening to the problems and then think and understand and then respond to them in quick sober manner. After listening to them very carefully you should start building a healthy relation in which they will feel that you are taking the matter in serious way. After that you would go and work eagerly and starts solving the solution. After that you should suggest a feedback that what you can do or what you can’t do and that should be focused as there is always a solution and if there criteria doesn’t match then you will provide them with an alternative feedback but you shouldn’t deny their request. Lastly after completing four steps, follow up with them to make sure that they are satisfied with their solution and you have taken care of them. The customers of Easy Jet Company can register their complaint in a comment section box which is provided in the company’s website as a feedback manner. They can also go for another mode of complaint like the company’s phone number and email are provided by which they can send their queries.

The organization starts implementing the policy by the consultation process. Firstly you should develop the procedures and policies with detailed information with the contractor or representatives who are regularly working with you and also your employers. It understands that every single member of a company should understand the policies and procedures of the company where they are need to be implemented properly. It will also make certain that the procedures and policies are true as well as give sufficient reasons. The very next case comes monitoring the procedures and policies which you started. If you collect the policies and procedures from any other sources then it is important that you adapt them to your company and workplace. All policies should be brief and short and should be written clearly with plain English.

This will help to create a meaningful and audible standard. Make sure that the policy should be practical. Business should have time resource and personnel to implement the policy. Once your criteria is fulfilled then yours’ works place would have a healthy and safe. You should publish company’s policies and procedures and make them available in entire workspace. Then you should train your company’s policies and procedures so that there will be no difficulty to handle. This should be discussed completely with the staff members with meeting. You should be consistent in your company policy which is implemented by company’s staff members. Not only the counseling should be done but also the disciplinary actions should be taken in case of emergency for the dismissal. Review and check the policies while making rules and regulations. The complaints are viewed in a systematical manner. First they should be thoroughly studied about which thing the complaint is registered. In some cases the false complaints are registered with no relevant information for wastage of time. The complaints are shown in company’s website where the queries are saved. The company will look the complaints and starts going depth into it. After that they will fix the problems where the exact fault is and then they will starts processing the problems and will try to rectify the problem. If one process not works then they starts working on other process but will fix the value. After working on the problem they will suggest the customer about the preventive measures.

Service Recovery Strategies

The process of resolving failures and maintains the perception of quality. It plays an important role in company’s satisfaction and need. It tests a company’s commitment to service quality and satisfaction. It influences profitability and loyalty. It should see company’s profit centre not cost centre. When service failure occurs then the company then the recovery strategies will starts implemented by service organization. When the strategy fails then it is make safe for the first time. To encourage and complaint the tracks strategy. The next strategy is to act quickly. The adequate explanations are provided as the failure occurs. The customer treatment is fairly.

Service Recovery Outcomes

Understanding customer expectation at key points along the experience pathway. The customer expects that at each point we have a clear idea how we can predict. When the expectations are not met then service recovery begins. It is important that we acknowledge the customer’s feelings and problems. If you voluntarily done the work and you have done the mistake then you should apologize for what you have done. It helps in making negative to positive. When the customers are dissatisfied then offer a help and gain a sense of humor.

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