The Benefits Of A Being A Superhero

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Popular figures such as Batman, Thor, Spiderman, and Superman are frequently described as superheroes along with many other synonymous terms such as “guardian” and “saviour” because they are fictional characters who have extraordinary or superhuman powers, according to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary. However, the job description of a superhero is more than just using powers to save the world from evil villains; superheroes protect civilians and combat crime as well. With this responsibility to uphold, superheroes are entitled to many benefits such as utilizing new gadgets, having different types of opportunities in work, and of course, making a difference in society. Superheroes often rely on gadgets, which allow them to maximize their performance in a profession deemed daunting and dangerous. Due to the high physicality superheroes endure on the job, gadgets give them an extra boost.

This increase in ability enhances a superhero’s performance, giving them the advantage to become more stronger and fit than most people which is essential when fighting against crime. Gadgets can also be used to make the toughest aspects of a superhero’s job easier. For instance, the “laser lipstick” in Totally Spies (a show about three female spies who go on various missions to combat crime) has a laser which can be used to cut through walls, glass, or metal. With the assistance of gadgets, a superhero’s job becomes easier to perform, thus providing an advantage to them. Most importantly, gadgets are a superhero’s best friend. They allow superheros various abilities, each functioning differently than the other.

For example, Spiderman, in Spiderman:Homecoming, has a mechanism attached to his arm that shoots out strings of webs. His apparatus allows him to swing from one place to another more swiftly and smoothly along with capturing villains. Having gadgets to provide superheroes aid in their performance and job as well as using them to mimic superpowers is one of the many advantages that superheroes have. Another benefit that superheroes have are the countless types of opportunities that are made available to them.

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Many superheros often represent big and important agencies with other heroes; hence, it would not be surprising if they united to work together. Teaming up with the biggest names in the world such as Thor, Spiderman, or Superman would be a huge advantage to a superhero because it provides him elite status in the workforce, allowing him to more opportunities such as working at more well-known organizations like and establishing a high-profile for himself. Furthermore, superheroes have the benefit of choosing their place of work; it could be for various agencies, the government, or independently. They also have the choice to immigrate to a foreign country to work. Because superheroes have a repertoire of powers, they are eligible to work in other professions. For instance, many have the skills to become a firefighter or a police officer due to the fact that the demands of being a superhero are similar like the level of fitness required and the same purpose: to save those in danger.

With so many opportunities to collaborate with different superheroes, and work in various locations and occupations, superheroes certainly have the upper hand when it comes to their line of work. Besides utilizing gadgets and having different types of opportunities in their profession, superheroes are in a very unique position to contribute to society in more than one way. Since superheroes often take action – like stopping a crime- on their own, they are similar to vigilantes; both operate without legal authorization. This is a benefit to superheroes because they can avoid inconveniences. For example, police officers usually obtain a warrant before they arrest someone. This process usually takes a long time whereas superheroes could just easily capture villains without that hassle. Additionally, superheroes are at an advantage to help reduce crimes rates because they help bring justice and closure to victims of crimes. By capturing criminals in a short period of time leads to the feeling of security; they feel protected, knowing that criminals can be quickly apprehended and segregated.

Along with aiding in decreasing crime, superheroes would also be able to act as peacemakers in war-ridden countries, with the objective to restore order. Their special powers could be used to intimidate those who started the wars and to protect many innocent civilians. Because this aspect of the job is contributing to a greater cause of achieving world peace, superheroes have the choice to either work as peacemakers if they find fighting crime at a local or international level too hectic or not as purposeful. As vigilantes, crime-fighters, and peacemakers, superheroes are in a very unique and beneficial position to help others in a meaningful way. As a superhero, one has many benefits such as being the first few to have accessibility to the latest and most powerful gadgets, a vast field of possibilities in this occupation, and the opportunity to make a difference in many lives. However, the true advantage that a superhero can have is the job they work for because it is a very unique job that requires unique powers that no ordinary person possesses.

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