The Arranged And Love Marriage In Bosnia

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From childhood, we fantasize that we'll find the one that will fill us, who are going to be our wife or husband. Prince on a white horse and a princess, like in fairy tales. In real world , we'll not sleep in a castle, but we will still find our true love and marry her. Marriage-an extended lasting contract made between men and ladies . People marry to create a gorgeous family.

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How does Bosnian marriage and wedding look alike? A typical marriage is preceded by a seeking period that lasts from few weeks to few years. Couples often meet at college , family or friend events,work, social networks then on. Parents attempt to get to known their child’s partner to guage their character and to offer advice. A wedding often has two parts, religious part , then celebration.  Wedding guests gather at groom's house. After a while spent within the house, the bride from her room is taken by her brother or relative. Then the godfather 'buys the bride.' Then , the marriage party remains at the bride's house for a short time , dancing and singing. During this point the cars are being decorated by friends or relatives and therefore the groom with all the invitations and bride goes, trumpeting all the way through town. Today, it's the custom to go first to the Municipality where the marriage was previously scheduled, where the newlyweds marry , then to a Sharia wedding at one among the mosques. Then, it's celebration time, often in restaurants and wedding halls.

Love marriages instead of arranged marriages and Western-style dating is the standard in urban Thailand. So,the same as the Bosnian relationships. Traditional marriages have been identified like family reunification. In usual, a senior relative from the groom’s family asks lady’s parents for her hand. If her family agrees, the brideprice and therefore the wedding date are accomplished. Sometimes, if the brideprice is just too high, the couple secretly sleep together at the bride’s home and therefore the parents are forced to approve the wedding to avoid losing face. Sinsot is marriage tradition of the groom giving money and gold to wife's family. Shown at the wedding ceremony, it's  for the groom to point out he is financial stable to require care of his new wife.

Relationships and marriage in Bosnia and Herzegowina are really similar, but I feel traditional marriage is extinct in our country. The official separation rate for Thailand is extremely low overall. The amount of divorces in Bosnia and Herzegowina has increased over the past years and that I think it's much above Thais divorce rate.

Love is that the best feeling of well and of a beautiful emotions. The advantage of giving love to others is that it appeals to our heart and makes us connected to others, provides stability and security. Love is inner need and therefore the reason for feeling happiness. Marriage may be a symbol of affection , belonging and togetherness. It is important to seek out someone who will understand you, the one to share yours and theirs best and worst moments.

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