That’s Nutellable’: An Analysis Of Advertisement Of Nutella

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It is very hard to find someone in the world, especially western world, who does not know ‘nutella’. Nutella has been originated in Italy in 1940 by a pastry chef Pietro Ferrero. Since then, Nutella has been one of the most delightful experiences of the chocolate consumers of almost every age. Regardless of the heavy sugar content, Nutella’s popularity has been increasing ever sense without any competitive product in the marked. It would not be unfair to say that the product has not stark competitor in the world market. Marketing and advertisement has been an important component of business strategy of Ferrero Group. The topic of present essay is one of the most innovative and excellent techniques of advertisement employed by Nutella which is called ‘That’s Nutellable’:

Innovative Adjective and Branding

The most important part of the advertisement that attracted me with immediate effect is the language and innovative adjective ‘nutellable’ connecting both Nutella and able together. This innovative lexical connection is actually a very smart move to connect everyone who reads the advertisement whether he/she is fond of Nutella or not. It was such a transformative and clever attempt of Claire Heppner who literally transformed the name of Nutella into a recognizable adjective which can easily move to everyone’s head and tongue to quote or even to participate. If you look at the advertisement carefully, you can see that the Nutella is spread on different eateries, even just on the spoon. This actually is a kind of open-ended invitation to everyone without any discrimination of caste, creed, gender or income group to participate in making almost everything Nutellable i.e. able to be eaten with Nutella. I also find that ‘That’s Nutellable’ implies a challenge a kind of marathon in which everyone feels invited to take part and discover what is still out there that is ‘Nutellable’. Before going any further in the content of the advertisement, I would also like to point the communication that is being done by the imagery of the advertisement. Apart from simple looking muffins and Nutella, there is another important thing on the advertisement i.e. a drawing pencil.

What kind of Campaign is there?

A careful look on the imagery of the advertisement shows that there is a drawing pencil, drawing papers, and drawings of hands, spoons, eateries and bottles of Nutella. This means that everyone can draw to contribute in this campaign. Also, there are signs of social media networking sites which shows that anyone can draw his/her ‘That’s Nutellable’ and directly post it on number of social networking sites. This actually is hinted at connected people as well as creating a global community of Nutella users all across the globe. Since there is no person of any age or colour is shown, that does not mean that this campaign does not have its target audience. Anyone who can draw and can use social-networking site is the target audience, which means that the campaign is target teen-agers and educated individuals who are frequent internet and social networking sites users.

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Since the campaign focuses on creating a global virtual community, the campaign primarily stays on the internet along side other advertisements of Nutella on print and electronic media. If we look at the number, it is important to mention that the campaign could not achieve desired results. It was not much appreciated or followed by the people primarily because of complexity of drawing skills. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the idea is not innovative enough. In fact, as I am writing this, I am feeling that I am looking of ‘Nutellable(s)’ and it is such a nice and charming experiences of doing it. Potentially, the campaign is flexible and elastic enough to gain momentum anytime. The problem that I could see that it has not been advertised enough, especially in print and social media where trends are usually set these days.

In my second and third look at the advertisement, I also find that the ad is bit provoking and challenging its viewers and push them not only to think about ‘Nutellable’ but also become part of the chain in order to get recognized and publicized with a certain sense of satisfaction to achievement. It is actually a self-perpetual cycle that has been introduced by Nutella in which encouraging, recognition and motivation all comes through individuals themselves without any constant external factors or regulations or any standard protocols. While writing ‘What have you made ‘That’s Nutellable?’, the advertisement is both provoking and controlling its viewers to reflect and think as something compulsory and mandatory.

Reinforcing consumerism and white middle-class value

It is may be true for most of the advertisements, especially of the products that are consumable. While giving provocation of making and thinking of ‘Nuttelable’, this advertisement is not only encouraging consumerism but also reinforcing neoliberal consumerism in which everything is commodified and available for public consumption without any regard of social implications. Along with that, this advertisement is also promoting middle class values of eating chocolate and other such eateries which are usually not the part of important meals in most part of the world. Since the product that has been advertised is consumable by the middle class, therefore, the idealized life style that has been promoted is related to middle-class life style and consumption values and ingredients.

What could be better?

As a matter of fact, everything has a room for improvement. That is true with the advertisement under discussion here. I would like to substitute drawing aspect of the advertisement and would like to make it more like a vocabulary related ‘Nutellable’. In this way, it will have more people to participate. Along with that, teenagers who might be not well aware of the language can involve their elders into it to find most of the ‘Nutellable’. This would not only increase the productivity of the campaign but also extent its reach in order to promote rather universal values like education, language proficiency and written part of the language that has a longer run benefits for the society at large.

Since the focus appears to be on social-media and networking sites, by making it more related to education, language and spellings, it would open up the ways to include many educational institutes into the campaign as well. This would also increase the chances of campaign to live longer and to meet CSR of Ferrero Group throughout the globe. I would rather run the campaign through cross sectional and cross-cultural approach in which values like education, creativity and healthy learning will be promoted so that the campaign addresses both young and old, boys and girls alike without any discrimination of gender, age, income group and nationalities.


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