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The Imperial Sugar Plant Explosion and Its Effect on Sugar Industry

On February 7, 2008, at around 7:00 pm, an Imperial Sugar Plant exploded and went up in flames at Port Wentworth, GA. There were many reasons as to how it exploded. One of the main reasons was the poor maintenance of the plant itself. The...

The Trading Culture and Traditions in Sugar Producing Companies

Sugar traded to one of the lowest in September 2018 at 9.83 cents per pound, since the great recession. It was not below 10 cents before August 2018 but abundant supplies and weaker currencies of sugar producing country like Brazil led to bearish storm for...

The Impact of Sugary Drinks on the Industrial Trade and Technology

At one time, people's consumption of sugar was limited only to the seasons when the fruits ripened. 80 thousand years ago, hunter-gatherers could sometimes eat fruit and compete with birds. Today, we consume sugar and sugary drinks every day of the year. Sugary drinks became...

The Dominance of Sugar in the Consumer's Market

Sugar has become a very predominant ingredient found mostly in all food products today and has been scientifically proven to have affected society negatively in physical and mental health. Thus it can be justified that sugar is indeed influencing our health in both aspects- altering...

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