Essay Samples on Steroids in Sports

Cheating in Sports: Doping and Steroids

Do you think that cheating on a test in school is okay to do, as long as everyone else is doing it? That is how most athletes argue their case for why they dope. Doping in sports is basically using illegal drugs or illegal amounts…

Reasons of Steroid Usage in Sports

Year after year, sports issues have arose. The topic of steroid use has been brought up and made front headlines more frequently. We often hear about professional athletes and Olympic athletes being stripped of their awards, records and medals because they test positive for performance…

An Investigation Into Athlete Steriod Use

Steroids are organic compounds that are found in many different arenas. Scientifically speaking, steroids are organic structures composed mostly of carbon atoms, known as cycloalkanes that are fused together in ring form. Cycloalkanes are hydrogen and carbon chemical structures that are organic in nature. They…

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