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Overview of Barrack Obama's State of the Union Speech

In today’s technologically oriented society, it is very rare to find a speech that truly stands up to the ever-evolving tests of time. Barrack Obama has always been a man who bring up ideas that would alter conversations, having effects far beyond the date spoken....

Analysis of Donald Trump's Future Economic Plans in His State of the Union Address

State of the Union Address The State of the Union Address is a message delivered by the President in front of a joint session of Congress at the beginning of each year. Budget information, economic reports, national priorities, and legislative agendas are all commonplace. Originally...

Analysis of Donald Trump's State of The Union Speech

The State of the Union address is a yearly speech given by our current president in front of the two houses of Congress. During this speech he presents his views on the current state of the nation and expresses his goals for the rest of...

Political Analysis Of Donald Trump'S First State Of The Union

Every year the United States holds an annual meeting called the State of the Union. The importance of this meeting is to have reports on the nation including its budgets, economy, and priorities. I personally think more Americans should give more attention to the State...

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