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Comparison of William Shakespeare's and Antigone's Revolutionary Works Julius Caesar and Antigone, and Their Influence on the Western Literature

Plays such Antigone by Sophocles, and Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare have shaped Western values and society throughout time. Several ideas and cultural values such as the importance of family, have survived through history; however, there are noticeable differences between cultural standards such as equality...

Feminism in Sophocles' Play Antigone

Women were still treated as inferiors in the male-dominated civilization of Early Athens. However, Throughout Antigone, there are many references to feminism including Antigone and Ismene’s relationship, Creon’s anti-feminist remarks, and Antigone’s fearless and valiant assertiveness. In the opening of Antigone, it is revealed that...

The Exposure to Free Will of Oedipus' Character

An Individual’s choices and behaviour lead to certain consequences that they face in the end. Many believe in higher powers having control over their actions and fate. Others, however, believe they have control over their actions and the consequences that precede them. In Sophocles’ Oedipus...

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