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The Events and Figures That Marked Involvement of US in WWII

During the time before america joined in WW2 they didn't have faith in what was going on the planet with the nazi's. Roosevelt needed to help when it initially began to give Britain the reinforcement the truly required, yet the congress denied and didn't support...

Rosie the Riveter Empowers Women During World War II

Events in the past have shaped the minds of women from being housewives to holding higher paying jobs comparable to their male counterparts. The slogan, “We Can Do It!”, portrayed by Rosie the Riveter, inspired women during World War II to become more independent and...

The Reality Behind Rosie The Riveter and Her Campaign in World War II

Rosie the Riveter was featured in the celebrated World War II era propaganda campaign battle and in the long run came a standout amongst the most renowned symbols in American history. But who precisely was Rosie the Riveter? But what is the real story behind...

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