Religious Tolerance in Islam and Christianity

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Tolerance is one of the most important ways to help you reach God, and helps man to get rid of shame. He works to purify the human spirit and make it pure, and increases the human feeling of safety. Tolerance also demonstrates respect and acceptance between people and each other. Tolerance is one of the most important things that Islam calls upon and urges Muslims to follow its followers. The importance of tolerance is manifested in all aspects of life. Tolerance spreads happiness in the hearts of people. Of crime through calmness of people’s lives, this increases the social interdependence of people, and is also one of the most work that purifies the human heart and makes the owner in a high position, and have a significant role in the damage of brain cells.

And this is shown by living many religions with each other in a great tolerance, do not hurt each other, and do not hate anyone else just because it is a different religion, and this method is one of the best images of tolerance; because it works to spread tolerance between people and this It is against terrorism that tries to strike Muslims and non-Muslims. For this reason, tolerance is one of the most important things that every nation must be characterized by.

The concept of tolerance in the Arabic language is pardon and forgiveness, as the strong person is the one who forgives the people around him and does not cause him any harm or harm. For this reason, tolerance is one of the most important things that the nation must follow, People who sleep every night and sympathize with all around him are healthier and become a pure classroom spirit. Tolerance is not only for the individual but also for society. Tolerance in society makes all individuals live in security and in mutual love. A Declaration on Tolerance was issued in 1995, which states: ‘Tolerance means respect, acceptance and appreciation for the rich diversity of our world’s cultures, expressions and human qualities. This tolerance is reinforced by knowledge, openness, and communication, freedom of thought, conscience and belief. And that harmony in the context of difference, which is not only a moral duty, but also a political and legal duty, and tolerance is the virtue that facilitates the establishment of peace, contribute to the replacement of the culture of war. This is a great indication of the importance of tolerance among members of society, since tolerance plays a major role in the advancement and progress of society

Evolution of the Concept of Tolerance and Love

Since the beginning of the sixteenth century there has been a great development in the concept of tolerance, since this period has been a lot of conflicts, especially between the Catholic Church and Protestantism; this makes the thinkers in this period talk about tolerance so that they can reform them; Another to resolve the disputes that existed between them. Then, at the end of the 19th century, the concept of tolerance was broadened and became a necessity for all religions and creeds. This is why it has become a philosophical and horizon-based approach that all people must implement so that they can live in peace. Recently, many thinkers who specialized in the concept of tolerance and love among the people appeared. The most important of these was the great thinker, John Locke, who wrote this letter in 1689 and the reason for writing this letter between both Catholics and Protestants, and the important person in the case for tolerance is Voltaire, who was named the ‘philosopher of tolerance.’ He has many works in urging others to tolerate one another. He also speaks of the importance of human rights. Good and safe among all people

Tolerance in Islam

The Islamic religion is one of the most religious religions that has encouraged tolerance and has been keen to spread tolerance among Muslims. Many of the Quranic verses that promote tolerance between people and others have also been mentioned in the Prophet’s Hadiths, which encourages people to follow tolerance. Talk about spreading love between people and each other. As the person who deals with tolerance to everyone around him works to please God Almighty, and that tolerance and love is one of the most important sections of the dissemination of good in societies, regardless of the different forms, they lead to one. The concept of tolerance in different places in the Koran, including: (Faffh them and say peace, they will know); the words of God Blessed is the absolute evidence that tolerance is imperative among all people, and God urges us in this verse to avoid revenge and sin as And our handshake no matter how wrong the person, God is the one who adjusts the rights for this reason we must leave our things to God and forgive and forgive as we ordered until we get the Jinan in the Hereafter. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said many of the hadeeths that encourage tolerance, and we also knew many of the positions that our honorable Prophet was subjected to. Resistance is to excuse the great ethics that Allah and His Emissary directed us to maintain, it is a proof of the zakkwa of the spirit, the virtue of the bed and the adoration for good, as it stems just from a decent heart that detests self-centeredness and scorn, and knows just love, gratefulness and transgressions. It is evaluated that when God made hearts he didn’t make them futile, and did not make the contempt of its favorable circumstances, yet opened the entryway of goodness and make it a law of adoration and absolution and beat the slip-ups of others and their slips. It is the obligation of spreading resilience among guardians and guardians. At the point when youthful youngsters experience childhood in absolution, they can never surrender this great creation. They will keep on treating individuals with consideration through an incredible span. Every one of the models that help them must be fortified with the goal that individuals know and apply them well.

The Importance of Tolerance for the Individual and Society

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The person who tolerates everyone around him is very strong, he is considered to be one of the most powerful people, and the reason is that tolerance cannot be appreciated by any creature unless the person is truly confident and has inner strength, Also considered a kind of power and equality. The person who tolerates those around him receives the satisfaction of God, as he earns the reward, in addition to everyone around him likes to sit with him and love to listen to him, the person who avenges around him is weak; because tolerance is difficult, the person who avenged around him makes this makes Everyone around him wants to distance him. Tolerance also plays a major role in eliminating the negative energy of the human body and recharging the body with positive energy, since the ball carried by man in his heart makes the human body a negative energy that affects him and makes him unable to innovate and cannot finish any work good. Resistance brings numerous ideals that cannot be identified or listed. It additionally has superb ramifications for the individual and society, where the environment of adoration, fondness and comprehension between individuals is shared.

How to make you race with God from shame, blame and guilt, where he cleanses the soul and the heart, increases the sense of psychological stability and security, tolerance may be at the level of individuals, groups and nations, and defines tolerance if respect, appreciation, acceptance of human qualities, , And cultural diversity, as in the case of the United Nations over time, especially the Prophet Mustafa. In Islam, he ceased to be an imam of peaceful calls despite his injustice, harm and persecution.

The importance of tolerance is evident in many aspects of life. It increases the interdependence of the members of the society and creates a sense of happiness. This reduces the rate of nervousness and tension that leads to the spread of crime and violence in society. It also builds society and makes it flourish by opening the horizons of happiness. And love between individuals, and strengthen social relations, and increases the urbanization and unification of society, as it is the work that is leased to the human being to purify the hearts, and raise the owner of the highest mattress, which strengthens the immune system, and reduce the percentage of brain damage nerve cells.

Tolerance has many forms of religious tolerance, and this is evident in many Quranic verses, such as the saying: ‘Those who believe and those who are guided, Christians, and Sabians are those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and do good deeds; for theirs is their reward with their Lord. ], Showing that coexistence with other religions, taking into account the practice of religious rites and rituals of each religion away from intolerance, tolerance in transactions, and cultural tolerance, which gives each society the right to pride in the culture And to respect the views of others while avoiding the etiquette of public debate. Finally, humanity today needs a great social and religious value of tolerance, and mutual respect, because most forms of intolerance and behavioral perversion often consume human energy in many things that do not need it, and therefore exploit it where the good of the country, the reconstruction of the land, and the comfort of people and the quietness of their lives, which is reflected on the development of society and raised as a result of these virtuous virtues deployed in it.


At the end of my topic, I want to tell you that tolerance makes the members of the community connect with each other and has a great role in spreading love and respect between people. A tolerant person deserves respect by all. He also believes in himself and we must spread tolerance because he is a good person.

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