Reflection On Conflicts And Its Management In My Company

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There is no universal explanation of what a conflict is, but can be considered, any situation in which the people’s perspectives, interests, goals, principles, or feelings are divergent. To ensure cooperation and productivity in any given company, every aspect of conflict must be appropriately dealt with. In my current workplace, several factors and styles affect decision making processes.

When it comes to facility changes, there is incorporation of both authority and consensus (Lee, 2014). The company program director shares information with other members of the company and afterwards, requests for an additional input. The manger collect views about how company employees feel. This leads a harmonious decision, reached at as a team. However, if there are changes whose implementations are mandatory, an authoritative decision is applied (Maarten, 2011). The decision style is used by the company management because it decreases the resistance from other employees that have been non-cooperative in the past.

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Establishing a solid mutual agreement is difficult when some employees do not consider certain changes to be necessary. For example, the employees at the company are required to have updated documentation in all therapeutic groups they run. Individual observation notes also are required due to Joint Commission licensing requirements, but in the past, employees have repeatedly dismissed the purposefulness of documentation although it has been emphasized severally, and the lack thereof can result to possible audits. It is apparent that failing to agree upon the problem by the group involved, they are less likely to agree upon the solution (Lee, 2014). This implies that team incoherence leads to chaos and non- cooperation in the company.

I work at a mental health treatment center as an addiction counselor for adolescents that struggle with mental health disorders as well as substance abuse. When it comes to their treatment goals, we challenge our teenagers to reach certain levels in order to gain privileges. Our maximum level is 4. In order to reach any level starting from Level 1, all counselors vote based on how their behaviors have been and their treatment progress. This type of approach is majority (Stewart and Peter, 2015). Depending on the ballot results, if there are more counselors who vote yes on a specific level, then that teen will receive the level they have petitioned for.

The company treats several mental health disorders including depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive, anxiety disorders among other ill health problems. When new services are to be introduced such as residential treatment services, intensive outpatient, as well as partial hospitalization programs, all the company employees are brought on board, discussions are held, then a consensus reached at (Tim, 2011), whether to introduce the new programs or not. During the discussions, opinions are presented, and explanations provided. All the employees at the company get an opportunity to make a decision through adequate preparation. This is because consensus is inclusive and involves all participants. The outcome of the style of decision empowers the employees to perform better. Consensus is considered a high- quality decision making process. Since members are willing to create time and invest in making reasoning out the proposals, there will be a strong support for the decision made.

In summary, at the company, settling on a consensus by the manager is always necessary when; there is a complex problem that involves several perspectives as well as stakeholders. Secondly, when the employees are willing to participate and when solutions are required. Majority decision applies when a vote is to be taken. This happens when there are divergent opinions of which the most popular one is to be picked. Finally, authority decision is reached at, especially by the manager when some significant changes have to be made.

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