Purpose of The Federalist Papers Creation

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The Federalist Papers were composed in the late 1780’s and consisted of a series of eighty-five letters and essays that were written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison. Their purpose for writing these essays was to urge and promote the ratification of the United States Constitution. James Madison wrote twenty-nine essays out of the eighty-six total essays. The first essay that Madison wrote for The Federalist Papers was Federalist 10. This essay goes on to defend and express the reasons why a republican form of government will put a halt to factions obtaining an excessive amount of power and control giving them the ability to go against the public's best interests as a whole.

In Federalist 10 Madison stated that the government that currently stood is unbalanced and the public’s best interest is hardly considered and often times disregarded. This paper had the largest argument in favor of the Constitution. The argument stated that a republic government would have the capability of controlling damages, violence and separation caused by factions.. Madison interprets factions as being a collection of citizens who are united for a particular common impulse of passions and interests who are involved only for their own benefit rather than those of other individuals. When a faction gains power, they use their power to promote their ideas at the expense of minorities and sometimes strip away the rights of said minorities. This means they will try and get what they want even if it means they hurt others along the way. Madison states that the republican government would help protect its people from factions.

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Although there are still factions in large republics but they tend to be much weaker than in small ones. When it comes to direct democracies, it is easier for factions to combine their strength. In Federalist 10, Madison gives two methods to destroy factions. One is to remove its causes, liberty, and the other is to control its effects, by getting everyone to think alike. Although removing liberty is a “curse worse than the disease itself,” states Madison. Representative government is needed in large countries, not only to protect the people from tyranny of the few but to protect against the rule of the crowd. According to Madison, the root cause of the division of society into factions is due to influence and sediments. For example, the unequal distribution of property between people leads to division of classes, views and interests thus causing such factions. In a republic people elect representatives and those representatives make laws. In a democracy citizens make the decisions and laws and then those same citizens discuss the laws and vote on them. There are advantages to the constitutional republican form of government in the United States. Some of the advantages are that there are representatives that are elected, people have a say in their government, representatives make laws more effective, and representatives are accountable to the society. These are advantages because the people get to be involved in major decisions that will affect their everyday lives instead of sitting still and hoping for the best.

As the years go by, our world is evolving and new things constantly emerge. One thing that has continued to grow is media technology. Media technology plays a gigantic role in millions of people's everyday lives. Whether it be them checking social media, texting, streaming music or most importantly, getting their news information, people are constantly on their phones or using the Internet. Media technology has grown a lot since it first came out. Although when it comes to media, it is extremely controversial. There are two sides, those who believe that what is being put out there is the truth and those who believe that what is said is biased or lies. The news is the biggest controversy out there due to reporters being democrats and profits driving how the news industry run.

Therefore if drama is what is being portrayed, it will drive the audience to want to watch to see what is going on and helps views go up. It becomes hard for people to weed out the truth from the exaggeration. According to the textbook, “Media stories affect public opinion – primarily among people who do not have strong opinions.” Thus meaning if there is a story with enough juicy details and coverage it could persuade their views. Media technology has expanded over various platforms making it easier for people to get new information daily. In today’s society new social media controls a lot. The textbook states “New social media is changing the nature of news and information.” With more options than ever, people can comment, share and voice their opinions in new ways. With a new election coming up in 2020 we have began to see the running candidates on new stations, newspapers and all over social media. Social media will play a large role in their race to presidency due to most people who are coming of age to vote were born in the technology age and will get most of the information of the upcoming race from their phones and opinions they see their friends posting.

In my opinion I believe there are a few ups and downs to media technology. One upside to it is that if something important happens, word travels fast and news stations post what is going on almost immediately. One downside to that is that even with all the information some is left out or twisted in order to create a more dramatic viewing to increasing the amount of people watching. Another upside is how convenient is it for us to gain access to social media and other media outlets, it gives people the ease of mind knowing that they can connect with anyone, anytime they want from basically anywhere in the world. A downside would be that people become too reliant on technology and when it does not work, they do not know what to do with themselves. New media does help unite people by bringing them together on subjects they agree on and allow them to have the power to voice those opinions. When it comes to those opinions though, there are always people who disagree and cause a division of people. There are always those who think they are right and others are wrong and thus social media fights break out. Social media also plays a big part in gathering people in person to hold rallies in the things they believe in. For example, we have had gay rights protests in order to have those who are part of the LGBTQ community be treated as equals wherever they go. As technology continues to grow, I believe that it will divide people a lot more. Opinions will continue to grow, people will start to stand up for what they believe in and thus more protests will occur. It will also help us in the future by making our lives more efficient and productive.

In conclusion, Madison wrote Federalist 10 in hopes of persuading those who were hesitant about the Constitution to see what good it what do in the future and help with controlling factions. He wanted the republic government for the good of the people and understood their fears. Furthermore, when media technology emerged, a new world of voices and social media platforms did too. People now grow up on media technology and it will continue to play a giant role in our lives for years to come, good or bad, it will be there.

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