Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana in Canada

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With the legalization of marijuana, many thoughts have been heard as it is being used for medical purposes and is used to heal anxiety and autism however, it has some major health issues on the human body with some effects like memory loss and addictiveness. The following points give the subject a fair perspective on both pros and cons of marijuana legalization.

Marijuana has been consumed for both medical and leisure. The total revenue generated in Canada in 2016 stood at $ 245,732,000 in total. That’s approximately 245 million dollars. That’s huge from a newly started industry that has gained many interests.

The trail of marijuana stretches long enough from the third millennial BC in history. It is even said that people from ancient times used it for food and medicinal purposes. Legalizing weed just contributes to the economy as it clearly eliminates the false and illegal practices of selling it. Now the middlemen can’t sell it under the table and hence it accounts for money that will be further utilized for the country to improve and enhance the economy.

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Marijuana has been said to heal people with anxiety and autism. The brain receptors perceive the cannabis to affect brain areas that influence pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, movement, coordination, and sensory and time perception. This indeed heals the people to override the anxieties within. Talking about the positive side, marijuana promotes increased appetite, and therefore people who undereat would find a happy space. Therefore, the legalization indeed caters to both the consumers and the government, it just omits the illegal middlemen.

Marijuana is still restricted in terms of advertising and influencing brands to gain customers by promoting it. The following reasons justify that marijuana is still in some grey zone, post-legalization.

Smoking marijuana has some serious effects on the human body. It not only affects the lungs but also disturbs the oral hygiene of the consumers. The modes or the ways to consume marijuana have been warned by the government as it is wise to not attract, and unwanted diseases caused by smoking marijuana.

Yet there has been no such evidence that weed deteriorates the brain cells, yet researchers believe it severely impacts the brain cells. People have been reported who have faced some memory loss over the course of consuming marijuana. Also considering the addictiveness that cannabis causes is something very important to consider. The average marijuana consumed per person in Canada is 1.4gm per day. That’s huge enough to impact the brain cells.

Considering both the positives and the negatives of the legalization of marijuana, it is evident that cannabis contributes heavily to the economy and eliminates the illegal practices of selling it, or rather let’s call it eliminates selling under the table. Along with it, marijuana contributes to medical science. But heavy consumption might lead to memory loss and smoking marijuana can bring serious illness to human beings. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have strong laws in terms of the usage per person and more awareness should be spread to highlight both the pros and cons of consuming marijuana.



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