Pretty Hurts: Analysis Of Beyonce's Iconic Song

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Are you happy with yourself? For many people the answer is no. as well, we also tend to equate happiness with beauty. Society pressures us into achieving an unrealistic physical appearance. Indeed, far too many people are never fully satisfied with how they look. More than $16 billion dollars spent on cosmetic plastic surgery in America. Plastic smiles, 90% of females patients, 250% increase 15 years ago. Most popular procedures were breast augmentation and liposuction because tv says “bigger is better” and vogue says “thinner is better.”

People spend money to inject themselves with plastic because they have a low self-esteem about themselves. They spend money to make themselves look good because some people don’t have what other got. People with low self-esteem tend to change their whole appearance to look like someone else or fill themselves with injections that cause problems in the long run that makes them feel better. The reason why people go through self-esteem is because it happens in their childhood and continue throughout their adulthood.

Through her engaging use of metaphor, imagery, personification, and rhetorical questions in pretty hurts Beyonce Knowles reminds us that today’s society encourages us to be beautiful before anything else. The main message presented in this song is self empowerment. Throughout the song it shows society beauty standards and analyzing females physical appearance. It’s about the processes that women go through to be more beautiful, the song talks about societies obsession with beauty and how people see it, social media stereotypes about beauty, people are obsessed with physical perfection that they forget about the soul. Being pretty can hurt. But it shouldn’t if you’re being yourself. It’s not what’s on the outside that matters, it’s the inside.

Pretty hurts by beyonce was release June 10, 2014. The artist Beyonce Knowles is a Multi-Platinum and Grammy Award Winning artist who is known for her top selling albums such as Beyonce, 4, I Am Sasha Fierce, Dangerously in Love, B’Day, and Lemonade. Before starting her solo career, Beyonce was in the girl group Destiny’s Child. When Beyonce left Destiny’s Child she began singing pop music and dancing. Beyonce is married to rapper jay z who both share a daughter name Blue Ivory and a set of twins name Rumi and Sir who are a boy and a girl.

To start off by saying that there’s too much pressure on women to be beautiful because women go through a lot and their biggest fear is beauty and their sizes. As Beyonce quotes “you left with shattered mirrors and the shards of a beautiful past” which means if you keep changing you won’t have anything left but a shattered image of yourself, stop changing how you look. People should stop changing themselves before they be broken and have a less self-worth and low self esteem, self-destructive which cause them to go through depression and anxiety which triggers suicide. All people of race, color, ethnicity, and religion should love themselves and love the way god created them. people have learn that god didn’t create you for you to change the way how you look but to love yourself and know yourself worth, when you know self worth you will know how to love yourself and respect yourself and put yourself before others. People should feel beautiful in the skin that they’re in and you don’t need to be thin to be beautiful because size doesn’t matter you can big, small, fat, skinny, tall, short you’re still beautiful on the inside and outside.  

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