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I am writing my research paper on the forty-fourth president Barack Obama. He served two terms as President, Joe Biden served as Obama’s vice president. He has made a big difference in our lives today and has had many accomplishments and failures some of which define his presidency. Some will argue that these are some of his biggest fails and some will say these are his biggest achievements, he has had many achievements that are significant and have made america a better place.

One of his biggest achievements is obamacare or affordable health care, its intentions were to benefit people with no health insurance or those who could not afford it. Obama was very effective in making policies. He increased the use of solar energy and wind energy which is part of his environmental policy. Prices of natural and oil prices decrease as well as hydrocarbons part of his energy policy. Most of the policies he made benefited from one another such as the environmental and energy policies, these policies helped with climate change. Obama also preserved, saved, and protected many lands including a big part of the ocean to help also reduce climate change. He is one of many presidents who gave us national parks. He helped to end the war in Iraq. He slowly helped to regrow economy by passing other policies and reforms. He legalized marriage equality. Obama also helped decrease the homeless population. Him and his wife helped with the nutrition of kids by asking schools to give us healthier options Obama has had multiple failures many of them have not been highlighted by articles and news papers. But when asked what his greatest failure is Obama considers failing on immigration form his downfall. He prepared executive orders that would halt deportations of over five millions living in the US without documents it would also provide the families legal protection, along with employment opportunities.

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Many young people traveled to the border some as young as five unaccompanied trying to get into america be with parents or another family member in the US. It was sadly an outdated system and left millions living in the US illegally, many are now being deported. Obama admitted that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was unconstitutional and he did not have the right to issue it. It has not been ruled unconstitutional, but now that Trump is in office many say that it is unlikely that DACA will survive. DACA has halted expansion. Many states threatened to sue the government if they do not rid of the reform. Obama blames himself for not being able to legalize millions of young immigrants and giving a promise he could not fulfill. In my opinion Obama’s final speech as president defines his presidency. He started out with many hopes for America many he did not think we could achieve, but he made sure that we could accomplish as much as possible. His caring attitude also defines his presidency, many of his policies were to benefit the earth and the people living on it. When there was a natural disaster or chaos he made sure to make time to make time to visit the victims. He figured out ways to make America a better place and an equal place. He also encourages others to make a difference and to fight for what is right, and to fight for their equality. He encourages equality and to halt judgments. He thought about how he could benefit the future while also providing a stable life for the people living in the present.

Some of the greatest issues in Obama’s presidency has to be with his concerns for policies and his reluctance to engage with members of congress. He was also distant with democrats and republicans and lost more than one thousand seats in legislature, governors’ mansions, and congress. Another issue is how he handled economic growth and many believe that there were better and faster ways to improve our economy. Obama’s lack of communication and strong self-will which was good and bad.

According to articles he was not a harsh president and acted naive in places where he should have taken initiative. Many say Obama was turning into president Bush when it came to foreign affairs. He had issues with his foreign policy and majority of them ended in failure. Obama tried to decrease climate change in his first term but faced other issues such as economic crisis, in american industries and he also had to deal with lack of employment. During his terms he did not focus on one major issue at a time which in the end hurt him and the people. I would have voted for Obama, most of the time he is true to his word. Obama seems to be a strong influential leader. He thinks of the future and also how to provide for the present. His character and his attitude in speeches would also persuade me to vote for him.

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