Barack Obama's Leadership

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Leadership can mean various things a success, power, efficiency, andintelligence. Among other qualities. However, leadership is taken into accountwhen the leader or the person who is the heads of a movement has the abilityto influence others and make a positive impact on the world around them. Aleader is someone who inspires and encourages others to fight for what isright and never give up. A great example of a leader is Barack Obama. Barack Obama was the first black president of the United States. He who was born tobe a leader. His childhood, his studies, his educational, professional religiousand social life helped Obama to be one of a kind. Before he became President Obama was a senator In his first term he had expressed interest in runningfor the presidency. Many people were skeptical of the possibility that anAfrican-American with a strange name and scarce appearance could win theelection. But as his campaign developed he showed that he had what it takesto be a president. His ability to attract others and get along well with peoplemade Barack Obama unique. As we all know a leader needs a sense of powerand be able to corporate and Obama sure does. Undoubtedly Barack Obama showed the true meaning of commitmentduring his journey as President. Obama gave himself to his mission andworked as hard to lead by example.

Obama is a man who relies on genecandidate known for his stirring speeches, he struggled as president to sellthe public on what he was doing and why he was doing it. He is a leader with total commitment for its objectives. He has clear ideas andeffective actions. He always uses strategic tactics to carry out his plans. Obama knows how to communicate, He is a great speaker with totalcommand of his words. He has the ability to persuade and perfectly handleboth verbal and non-verbal language. We noted that in each of his speechesObama communicated precise ideas, and knows how to build a network ofrelationships forming agreements and alliances. This political leader has theability to attract others and to make the population identify with hisleadership. Obama gave importance to the use of new technology especiallysocial networks, his team showed that there was another means ofcampaigning at a lower cost. Obama and his team managed to get into mostof the American houses through the power of technology, the internet, andsocial networks. Obama knew how to use social networks as a politicalmarketing tool. The aspects that define Barack Obama’s leadership areaccessibility and his speaking ability. Obama is very adept at communicatingwith his people. He always carries out his task as a mediator. He understandsand reduces the arguments that arise amongst his great talents. Obama hasthe inherent attitude of diplomacy because he can listen, process andinterpret different types of relationships to create alliances. He was able to win1over people.

In this complex world in which Obama assumed the leadership,he also inherited a global economic crisis. As well as two wars in which thereare deployed American troops and allies in the near east and south of Asia,fighting against terrorism. He promoted economic policies such as the Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009, the Employment Creation and Reauthorization Act of 2010, Unemployment Insurance Act as well as the 2011 Budget Control Law. Obama ended the Iraq war and increased the presenceof US troops in Afghanistan. He ordered US military intervention with theLibyan conflict. On May 1, he announced to the media that a group of specialforces of the US Navy had killed the terrorist Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. While accomplishing all of these things he also had to make difficultdecisions that would create a greater sense of meaning where the USexported hope and not fear.

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