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The Afiksasi Process in the Formation of Verbs in the "Pinocchio Story"

This fairy tale is very famous in England, that is Pinocchio fairy tales. The pinocchio figure has become a general public imaginative figure English and this is the main attraction of researchers in analyzing the object to be on study 'Pinocchio's tale: the tale of...

A Concept of Home and Family in Little Prince and Pinocchio

Home is important for everyone and every animal, including human beings, would want to have a home that provides him or her with the required comfort. Homes are soothing and provide solace after a long working day. A healthy home on earth is dubbed a...

The Intertextual Relations Inbetween Disney's Pinocchio and Astro Boy

In today’s modern age, it is common for authors to incorporate textual features borrowed from other texts in order to influence the audience and deepen the meaning of a text, based on the audiences’ previous knowledge and understanding. Intertextual relations between texts appeal to a...

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