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The Subjectivity of Beauty and Its Perception in Cinderella; or The Glass Slipper

The definition of beauty is subjective because people have different perspectives as to what makes another person beautiful. Some define beauty based on an individual’s personality while others base it on physical characteristics. This is considerably displayed in the fairy tale “Cinderella,” as a poor...

Depiction of Female Characters in Disney as per Cinderella

“And they all lived happily ever after”. Throughout a child's life, someone has once read to them a fairytale. Every word and every picture of fairytales usually play a magical image in a person's mind. While reading a fairytale it can open magical worlds, possibilities,...

The Alternative Beauty of Cinderella's Fairy Tale

Fairy tales function as a medium for spreading moral values in communities throughout history. For instance, one particularly popular story is “Cinderella” by Charles Perrault. It teaches children, in a plain manner, the importance of kind-heartedness through depicting the dramatic change of the fate of...

The Impact Of Mass Media On Cinderella In America

Disney’s Cinderella has found its way into millions of people’s hearts, however, it has not been realized how flawed the nature of the new heroine is compared to its traditional versions. In America’s “Cinderella” by Jane Yolen, a noted author of children’s books, and The...

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