Philosophical Approach to Politics: Models of Government

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The topic of this academic paper will thoroughly discuss the structure of democracy and other forms of government, how it has been developed along with the creation of an ever-lasting change to the country of Canada. This paper will address, the dynamics of governments, its origins, and demonstrate a brief comparison and explanation why democracy is the most preferred model of government, compared to theocracy, monarchy, aristocracy and anarchy.

According to, a government is defined as “the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies and states” (Brian Kariger Daniel Fierro, 1995). An institution that is supposed to be fair and just, can sometimes be plagued with corruption and manipulation which ultimately results the empowerment of unacceptable governance. Although I believe that governance plays a vital role in society, and that it is needed, I also believe in it the just and unflawed way. One of the main purposes of a government is to come up with and maintain vital institutions.

In order for a society to function, it all depends on the form of government. Theocracy, is the form of government which claims to be governed by God, or by Gods, where society is based on one religion, and also where the church commands regulations and order that everyone must adhere to. Theocratic rule is currently practiced sovereign states such as Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vatican City and Yemen, just to name a few. Monarchy, is a form of government in a state, which a single individual holds all the power in the government. The majority of monarchs can hold the position for their lifetime; however their authority can be passion on in two ways: One, being to step down or resign, or pass away, but most monarchy’s are hereditary. Next, aristocracy is a government, ruled by upper class, or privileged individuals considered to be the most qualified. Also, the term comes from the Greek meaning of “rule of the best born”. European countries such as Spain, the UK and Denmark practice this form of government. Last on the list of government forms is anarchy. Anarchy is ultimately the opposite of all the other forms of governments listed. This entails the absence of government and complete freedom of the individual. The term of this lawlessness government comes from the Greek word meaning ‘without; the absence of’. Somalia is a country that practices this lawless, self oriented government. Some assumptions about anarchy is that it leads to disorder and chaos, but from an anarchists point of view, it means existing without being governed or having help for that matter.

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The government affects civilians in several ways that many fail to realize. One could not walk down the street without seeing the government’s effect on our everyday lives. I believe that if we wish to live in a society beyond the hunter- and gatherer level, I believe we would need a government. Not only to provide protection, but to also maintain order, health, protect rights and resolve disputes. If you think about a natural, Anarchic society, people can be driven by profits a nod nothing more. Money is what makes this world go round, therefore, the government poses rules and regulations when necessary. For example, a poacher gruesomely murdering rhinos for their ivory horn which is worth great sums of money in the black market, if there’s was no government, there would not be any laws to prevent this, and make it the illegal act that it is today.

If the entire world went lawless and the world was completely anarchist, I believe humanity would duplicate history, in a sense that we would be in smaller communities, in a way, unspoiled by the knowledge of greed, property, power and other monstrosities. Anarchism rejects all forms of hierarchical authority, social, economic and political. Living like an anarchist, one believes that problems stem from law and other government action using that to abuse and exploit the modern world, so without it, an anarchist would believe that would be no problems as long as the government is involved. When people hear the word anarchism, they think, bloodshed, and riots, robbery and so on. The wrongful use of a persons position while in power can lead to many implications in the present, future. Just look at Trump.

Objections to anarchism states that over time it will decompose into violence. There are three main reasons for this. Reason one being that the state is ‘required’ to settle disputes between people. Second, in the state of nature people can become ruthless and aggressive. Lastly, it is hard to comprehend how justice can be administered when there is no government (think back to my poaching example earlier). To add, an anarchist society would ultimately be copying government institutions such as health care, education or police.

A lawful and fair democracy is one that represents the people, where the will of the people is done not where the government’s will is enforced. Here in Canada we believe a democratic government is well suited for its people but like any other system it has its flaws. I believe that democracy is the best fitting form of government because it promotes fairness, opportunity as well as participation from everyone, so everyone has a chance to be heard. Also, democracy is not biased. It does not favour the rich or the poor; everyone can voice their opinion. On top of that, democracy is in a way, self adjusting because it prioritizes the most prominent issues.

In conclusion, the government has adapted itself to change and created an evolution that resulted in the identity of the nation. Without the system, there would no sense of structure around Canada’s regions. In order for the system to ‘work,’ there is a process that it must undertake that takes time and generations, to even create the ideal system for a civilization. As it is still constantly evolving around society implementing policies, it provides Canadians with a bright and prosperous future.

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