Nokia as Consumer Electronics Multinational Company  

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In 1865 Nokia was established in Finland. Nokia is a telecommunications, I.T and Consumer electronics multinational company. Nokia is world's 415th-largest company measured by 2016 revenues according to the Fortune Global 500, having peaked at 85th place in 2009. Nokia’s contribution are notable to the mobile telephony world. It assisted in the development of the GSM, 3G and LTE standards (and currently in 5G), and is best known for having been the largest worldwide vendor of mobile phones and smartphones for a period.

PM of Finland Harri Holkeri make first GSM call from Nokia phone in 1991. After launching 1011Ha handset Nokia capture European and US markets. Nokia launched its first feature phone with 2100 series in 1994 and Nokia emerge as an Great company they expected to sell 400,000 units but demand increased and endup selling 2 billion feature phones. Market size grows rapidly and people begun to know Nokia and that's how they were able to defeat Motorola and become no.1 brand. in world most top 200 selling phone brand top 50 were Nokia handsets. The iconic feature phone 1100 and 1110 Nokia launch in 2003 and 2005 respectively. Nokia become that famous that even they start doing less marketing because “Their products sell them self”.

Start of Failure: in the start of 2008 market begun to change but as for Nokia they should have change with the time but company become that big and bulky change for them was not easy moreover, Nokia become the master of what he was doing so it's not the point that they were unable to understand they, just don't want to change. I will list down more important point why Nokia failed;

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Nokia was unable to understand that now market was not of hardware, so he should move to software development. Handset producing Companies (Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola) was moving towards Android and created an open Ecosystem (community of interdependence) but Nokia don't want to leave his operating system Symbian. In 2010 Apple and Google respectively have 3 lac and 1.25 lac mobile apps in comparison Nokia not even have 20,000 apps.

As android created open Ecosystem apple created close Ecosystem buy iPhone, iPad, Macbook and Apple watch all products connected with each other as Apple become Popular it becomes hard for Nokia. Nokia didn't understand that every competitive advantage (Feature phone) has a limited life span. There were already two Ecosystem no need for the 3rd one which Nokia try to create ( hardware of Nokia and software of Microsoft). Nokia was a Late movers means, try to adopt the change when it's kind of late.

When they change they change in wrong direction Nokia in 2011 goes to Android but think that everyone is already on android and they are doing the same thing and try to create Blue ocean. Some said that it's Stephen Elop Nokia C.E.O (who was an ex employee at Microsoft) and Steve Ballmer conspiracy to become next C.E.O, after leaving Symbian OS they developed new phone with Meego operating system but Elop went to Microsoft windows OS which is not compatible with the mobile phone.

Microsoft acquisition of Nokia in 7 billion dollars was the end game for it. Microsoft sell Nokia to HMD global (made by Nokia former employees) in 2016 for $350 million. They take all its buying and selling rights for 10 years and start using Android Operating system. Nokia branding is done by HMD global but mobile phones made by Foxconn. They are using risk free model and feedforward strategy. 

Back in the days they use to said that their product sell themselves but now they are using various tool for marketing. In 2016 they launch 6 smartphone and 5 feature phone, open after sales service in 300 cities, built 400 distributors and 80000 retailers and they do it in just one year which is impossible for a new company. Ajay mehta VP Nokia India said “Nokia recall value is very high because of phenomenal legacy, trust worthiness, extreme loyalty, reliability and outstanding quality”.   

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