Naturalism and Natural Beauty of Art Nouveau

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Natural beauty was its everything. Flowers and living plants was its muse. The way structures looked. The way the curved lines spoke. Untouched, its quiet yet powerful words, shines its radiant light upon us. Art Nouveau was its name, a movement created out of historical and modern art forms. Many new and older artists prospered during this movement. New and natural powerful art came into view for everyone to see.

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Art Nouveau originated in England. William Morris collaborated with other artists so Art Nouveau was created. It has a wide range of different decorative arts, like architectural, painting, graphic art, and jewelry. It was most popular during the 1890s. Its popularity came to a stop during 1905. Artists had to work in factories so the movement and art as a whole had to come to an end. Art Deco and modernist movements were the new art movements that was in style after Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau first started as decorative art, later involved other types of styles and materials. “Art Nouveau’s wide popularity through western and Central america, however, meant that it went by several different titles” (The Art Story). Art Nouveau had been seen as a luxurious type of art. Its reputation became so evident glass artist, Emile Gallé, Daum Brothers, Tiffany, and Jacques became famous of their creations. Architecture was one of Art Nouveau main focuses as well as glass. Victor Horta is a great example of Art Nouveau's outstanding architectural work.

Victor Horta, was born on January 6 1861 in Ghent, Belgium. He became well known for his architecture and his elegant and natural looking type of style. Horta, was born into a rather large family, his father was a lavish shoemaker. Victor said that his father “Ran his studio with such an air of superiority that for him it became an art” (The Art Story). Horta was twelve years old when he fell in love with architecture. He helped his uncle at a building site which made him appreciate and love the art even more. He went to school at Académine des Beaux-Arts in Ghent for architecture. Horta, went to Paris to work in the Atelier of Architects and interior design. He also went to Académine Royale des Beaux-Arts, the National School of Ghent. “In 1884, won an inaugural Godecharle Prize, which still exists to promote the careers of young Belgian sculptors, painters, and architects, specifically to further their education and training” (The Art Story). Horta became a professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 1892. The Tassel House is one of Horta’s works as well as, Autrique House, was his first works in Art Nouveau. Hôtel Tassel, Brussels became famous and to be considered as the first Art Nouveau building to be made. Maison Du Peuple, Brussels was another one of Horta’s works. The Maison Du Peuple was one of Horta’s most difficult works. It is a multifunctional building. It has a large auditorium, stores, a library, a cafe, and party offices. “Horta supposedly made 8,500 square meters of drawings and fifteen craftsman worked for eighteen months on the ironwork. The building was finally inaugurated on Easter, in 1899, in the presence of the great French socialist leader Jean Jares” (The Art Story).

Art Nouveau was a movement that allowed artists who were begging to be set free from the restrictions of other movements and ideas. Their creative ideas could be free and flourish into something more wonderful. Having the freedom as an artist and to not be tied down to a strict, and unamusing ideas and values that graphic design followed. Art Nouveau is still relevant today in the creative craft of glass, buildings, jewelry, painting, sculpting, and much more.

Now artists are allowed to break free from those ideas and are allowed to be more free. We are constantly looking at elements that have Art Nouveau in them. Students in Belgian are constantly being reminded, Victor Horta made a living and inspired millions and so can them. No matter what type of art and graphic design the person might do elements of Art Nouveau will forever remain. Now modernized as something new, Art Nouveau is now forever much better and evolved into something even more extravagant.

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