Mother Teresa: The Generous Human Rights Activist

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I’ve always gone to church with Mother Teresa and I have loved how she would always stay after mass and help anyone who wanted to pray. She dedicated herself to helping her students have a better life at school then they do at their homes. In 1944 she became the Principal of the St. Mary’s High school. As she focused on helping the girls in her school to find Christ. She went on a trip to Himalayan foothills and when she came back she told me that Christ talked to her and said that her new path in life was to go help the poorest and struggling city in Calcutta. Everybody back home supported her and loved that she is going to do better things through Christ.

I’ve known Mother Teresa since I was a baby. I grew up in the same church as her. She would always be at the church every Sunday morning with her family. Mother Teresa was very devoted to the church at a young age. Her family was also very into politics, they were a representative of the Albanian independence. But one day her father became very ill and died. No one has ever found out the real reason he died but there are rumors that his enemies poisoned him. After her dad’s passing she became very close with her mom as she depended on her for everything. Her mother made her be active in charity work, which is where I think she gets her kind heart and helpfulness. When Mother Teresa turned 18 she found her love for missionary work. She decided to become a nun. In 1928, she entered the Institution of the Blessed Virgin Mary, well known as the Sisters of Loreto. 1931, she made her First Profession of Vows. She then began her teaching career at St. Mary’s School for girls.

In September of 1946, Mother Teresa told me that God gave her a message to leave the school for girls, and go help with missionary work in one of the poorest city in Calcutta. Mother Teresa described to me that God wanted her to go there to work with the community and help them find their love for God. When she was finally allowed to go do her work there I remember her being so ecstatic, she was so happy that she was given this opportunity to go do what makes her happy. She told me that she would spend time with the families, she would have to wash cuts that some of the people had, she helped an old man that was just lying in the road because he was so sick he couldn’t move, she helped get nutritions back to the very skinny sickly woman. Mother Teresa would never cared what religion or race anyone was, all she cared about was sharing her love for God and Charity work. She always wanted to help people be the best version of them they could be, she believed that’s why God chose her. In 1950 she was granted the opportunity to start her own charity called “The Missionaries of Charity”.  

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