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Measure for Measure: The Complex Relations of Justice, Punishment and Mercy

Introduction Measure to Measure is one of the most exquisite pieces of work by Shakespeare. It is a dark comedy play in five acts that are based on the complex interactions of justice, mercy, and punishment. It opens with the Duke of Vienna, Vincentio, commissioning...

The Role of Minor Characters in Measure for Measure

Minor characters in Shakespeare’s plays are often dismissed as merely providing comic relief. In Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, however, the minorcharacters serve as first-hand examples of some of the main aspects of societythat Duke Vincentio intends to change, which are the moral corruption of thepeople...

Sexuality and Anarchy in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure

The aim of this paper is to examine how sexuality and anarchy are interrelated in Shakespeare’s play Measure for Measure and how they jointly function in the whole course of the play. Sexuality is a word which originates from the word ‘sex’ which indicates the...

Status of a Women and Their Chastity in Meausre for Measure

The status of a women is deemed by her chastity, wealth and sexualty. Abstract Measure for Measure play by William Shakespeare believed to have written in 1603 or 1604 . The play’s first recorded performance occurred in 1604. Shakespeare’s representation of women is his geniues....

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