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The Dark Imagery In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Malvolio is conveyed as one of the many humours character in Shakespeare’s most popular comedy play – Twelfth Night. Shakespeare introduces Malvolio as an arrogant, overbearing, pretentious, sometimes malicious, ignorant and delusional character. Malvolio is a steward in Count Olivia’s house and he enjoys dictating...

Sexual Politics of Romance in Twelfth Night and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Today, our society is accustomed to vast changes in perspective of sexuality and new challenges of sexual norms. It appears these perspectives are new, but these changing perspectives can be traced back to the Middle Ages. These topics are illustrated through many works of literature....

The Steep and Rocky Path of Finding Oneself in William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” 

“Twelfth Night” is a fictional story by William Shakespeare that shows the impacts it has on a person when they try to become somebody they aren’t. In “Twelfth Night” Viola takes on a male role as her brother Sebastian, whom she believes died at sea,...

Supremacy Of The Male Characters In Shakespeare’s Plays and Representation Of Homosexuality in Twelfth Night Or What You Will

“In patriarchal societies, women have been suppressed, marginalized and ignored by the masculine thought that prevails in many areas of life. This situation was directly reflected in the theater texts related to life and society. However, even if they were ignored, women had a language,...

The play 'Twelfth Night' - Extreme Change in Sexual Orientation Jobs

William Shakespeare is notable for his capacity to make sentimental and simultaneously questionable plays. One must recollect that during Shakespeare‟s time things were unique. Social standards were man-centric, implying that the male figure had authority over the family in general and extraordinarily the spouse. In...

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Viola, a.k.a. Cesario Characters Comparison

Two characters that I find have similar traits are Viola, a.k.a. Cesario, from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” and Deryn Sharp, a.k.a. Dylan, from the book “Leviathan”. They both got into similar challenges at the start of the book, with both of them getting into an accident...

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