Making World A Better Place By Helping Others

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They will walk up to you, hold your shirt and won't let go off you until you give them money or food. Growing up, I've never liked just the sight of these refugees and children of disabled parents. I've always treated them with hostility and rejection. I never came to understand their situation until I broke the arm of one refugee kid one afternoon. In his attempt to hold my shirt, he soiled it and I pushed him to the floor. He cried bitterly. I'm a very emotional person and the sight of the child's tears made me rethink my mentality concerning these innocent and unlucky children. My behavior towards them changed.

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They are everywhere. On our streets, by the roadsides and on our highways, these little refugees and children of disabled parents are there. Most of them are barely ten years yet they risk their lives in the quest for man's basic needs such as food and clothing. It's not as if they choose to beg for money. It's not as if they love standing under the scorchy sun to beg for food. It's not as if they love getting beaten and pushed away by pedestrians whom they beg from. They never choose any of these. It's just that life hasn't been fair enough to them. Everyday they begged, everyday they stole and everyday, they came back. Every blessed day. Sometimes, I gave them food or money. Other times, they stole from me. I understood that they were hungry and helpless so I never hit them and no one had the right to hit them. I told myself that they were humans like me and had rights. They also deserved to be loved and cared for.

As time went by, I came to a realization. A realization that all humans are to be treated equally regardless of their positions and or niche in the society. Humans are supposed to treat fellow humans with acceptance and affection. Refugees and the disabled have rights and these rights must never be taken for granted no matter the circumstance. It is with this realization that apparently every vacation, I solicited for funds from friends and family in addition to my little savings. Whatever I could gather, be it clothes, shoes, toys and foodstuff, I gave them out to refugees by the roadsides and the disabled as well. The smiles on their faces and sometimes the tears of joy they shed was all I needed. That was the only satisfaction I craved for. Nothing more, nothing less. Presently, I still do it and anytime I go out I take some extra money along with me to buy food or drinks for my fellow friends who beg on the streets.

It's appalling that in one way or the other, the less privileged will still be maltreated and their rights will be trampled upon. Nonetheless, I believe and know that someday, I will be the reason they are treated as equals. Sadly, life isn't fair to all of us(humans) and we virtually have no control over it. Still, any kind gesture or any act of love to make someone smile or heaf a sigh of relief will suffice. Let's make the world a better place! 

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