Luke Skywalker – A Hero From The Star Wars

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When you first meet Luke Skywalker you do not see the fortune that lies within him. Of course children/teens of my generation already know who Luke Skywalker is. Being a millennial sets us aside from the generations before us that met Luke Skywalker on May 25, 1977 when Star Wars A New Hope was released. We (the ever so delightful millennials) know Luke Skywalker as the son of the infamous Anakin Skywalker. However, lets just pretend we have no former knowledge of who the one known as Luke Skywalker.

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Luke was introduced first on the planet of Tatooine, while living with his aunt and uncle. Luke lived a life such as any boy his age would on the remote planet. Eager to learn about the universe, he always had his mind set on joining the Rebellion. All of his friends joined once they hit adulthood. Watching the people around him join only made him want to do it more. Sadly, Luke never got the approval of his aunt and uncle to join the Rebellion. While living a normal life on Tatooine, Luke has no idea what challenge is about to cross his path. Yet he already shows us that he is special. As eager as he is to run away from home, and fight the enemy of the Rebellion, he has no other choice but to be patient and wait for his time to shine. Patience is in fact a virtue, as a wise man once said. Luke has the patience that every hero must have. Evidently, he is also courageous. You see it in him as he expresses his fervor to join the Rebellion. He wants to be the hero of the universe and stop all evil. He does not realize that what lies ahead of him is the start to his journey. As stated previously, Luke Skywalker was no different than any other boy who lived on Tatooine; at least that is what seems to be as we first meet Luke. Driving around the same T-16 rovers all the kids drove around. Hunting the same womp rats everyone else hunted. Be that as it may, Luke Skywalker had the aspirations no one else had. He dreamed of a day where the galaxy was at peace. All while Luke is living his ordinary life his uncle had picked up service froids from local Jawa’s (merchants who capture, and later sell droids). Miraculously, as Luke was cleaning of one of these droids (R2-D2) he was exposed to a hologram message from Princess Leia of the Rebellion.

In the video, Princess Leia states she needs help from a man named Obi Wan Kenobi; also referred to as Ben Kenobi. Luke’s ordinary world as he knows it, will completely change immediately after receiving this message. Luke Skywalker’s call to action comes when he receives the message from Princess Leia. Immediately, he is tasked with finding the man know as Old Obi Wan. He finally meets Obi Wan when Obi Wan saves them from the sand people that survey the deserts, attacking any creatures that cross their path. Obi Wan explains the meaning of the message and gives Luke background on why this message was received.

Explaining to Luke, he mentions the truth of Luke’s real father. Anakin Skywalker, the jedi knight who fought alongside him in the Clone Wars. Obi Wan told Luke of aspirations his father had. The same aspirations Luke has. However, Luke’s uncle never told him the truth about his father because “He was always afraid that your father’s adventurous life might influence you, might pull you away from Anchorhead” (Lucas 91). Luke already has dreams to leave and “adventure”, hearing this only made him realize that he is meant to leave. He is starting to realize he is not meant to stay on Tatooine forever. While still being educated by Obi Wan, Luke is just learning of the life he is meant to live. Obi Wan tells him he must learn this ability called the force. Explaining the force could take more time than trying to travel through space without hyperdrive. Going on, Obi Wan tells Luke that he must come with him to assist in the mission proposed by Princess Leia. Immediately, Luke declines stating “I can’t get involved with anything like that, I’ve got work to do; we got crops to bring in.” He has his call to action right in front of him. It was staring him in the face and he refused his call. Luke knows he can not go through with the mission. He faces reality and realizes that he can’t just abandon his life to start his new destiny.

Luke's Destiny is what will make him a hero, but on the other hand you can see he’s a hero before he fulfils his destiny.

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