Loss Of Innocence Through The Lord Of The Flies Novel

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In the novel Lord of the Flies, innocence was progressively lost through the boys. The boys were implanted in a situation where they had no other choice but to grow up and to develop faster. The boys were put in a very qisquenting situation and had to learn from their own experiences and from each other how to survive and almost build a robust society all on their own. After some time they learn that they need to be a leader , but around them there are no adults that could anticipate the role of dominion. Because of this situation the children decide to resume power and take the role of authority. All these things that happened made the boys lose their innocence and tuen very violent. None of the boys are completely innocent and everyone has the capacity to turn violent .

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Ralph crash-lands with the other boys on the uninhabited tropical island at the beginning of the novel, and they try to create a civil society. As the group's elected leader, Ralph tries to establish a civilized society by imposing rules and providing orders to the other boys about the necessary tasks that will lead to their rescue. Jack and his hunters, sadly, begin to disobey the rules, and Ralph eventually loses his control over the boys. As most of the boys discover . In the Novel , Ralph was the athletic, charismatic protagonist of lord of the flies. Ralph was also the elected leader of the boys at the beginning of the novel. Ralph was the representative of order, civilization and productive leadership in the novel. In the novel Ralph is defined to be a sympathetic character , an advocate and one of the few characters who imply to take a meditative view on their own behaviour he also has some evil in his heart and that is shown in the case of Simon's death. Overall, by taking part and witnessing the brutal murders of Simon and Piggy, Ralph suffers a loss of innocence. He also observes the chaotic atmosphere, rules, and regulations of a world empty of adults. Ralph loses his childhood innocence after failing to create a civil society and witnessing each boy's primal, barbaric existence. Ralph yells at the conclusion of the Lord of the Flies book. He cries out for the boys' lack of innocence on the island. Ralph cries because he knows that Jack and Roger almost died in his hand. Also, the naval officer is pleased to see Ralph.

In the Novel, Jack shows some loss of innocence by painting his face with colors of war that camouflage him and help him behave like a wild child. This painting of war pushes the boys to do something they would never usually do and lose innocence there, because it forces them to kill. Their innocence is all but forgotten if the boy no longer has the structure of society. The modern classic by William Golding, Lord of the Flies, explicitly notes that Jack is guilty of the boys' downfall. He leaves him and the group of boys stranded on the island with his lust for hunting. Eventually, his lust leads to the murders of Simon and Piggy. Loss of innocence is also shown when Ralph is Angry with Jack after they kill the pig and that is shown when Ralph is furious because the boys let the fire go out and maybe they lost their only opportunity to be saved. Ralph and Jack fail. Ralph thinks that the most important task is to 'keep the fire going' while Jack thinks it is more important to search for meat.

Golding conveys the idea in Lord of the Flies that civilisation and civility are delicate constructs. As social standards on the island break down, Golding reveals that humans harbor primitive impulses that can make them act savagely. The isolated atmosphere of the island is intended to demonstrate that when the rule of law is dissolved, a group of regular, usually well-behaved boys will return to animalistic behavior. 

The Lord of the Flies' core concern is the tension between two conflicting urges that exist within all human beings: the urge to live by laws, to act peacefully, to obey moral instructions, and to value the good of the community against the urge to fulfill one's immediate desires, to act violently in order to achieve dominance.

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