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Legalized Business Lobbying in India: Main Topics

Lobbying is a complex phenomenon generally described as practice of individuals or organizations to influence government for favorable policies/decisions. It happens where ever individuals or groups with vested interest try to influence decision making authorities or institutions. Lobbying certainly is not inherently corrupt practice. Each...

Regulations Against Lobbying and Factors Contributing to It

International Accounting Standards Board, as well as the Financial Accounting Standards Board (operating in the United States of America), are the main bodies for the establishment of standard setting. The main responsibilities of both of the authorities are to protect the interests of the stakeholders....

Pressure Groups and Lobbying Are a Violation of Political Equality

Lobbying is the act of influencing the actions, decisions, and policies of members or legislators of regulatory bodies or political movements. It is practiced by many kinds of individuals, associations, interest groups, corporations or government officials. Professional lobbyists refer to those individuals whose business is...

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