Lessons Any Businessman Can Learn from the Movie Wall-E

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Brief Summary

The movie Wall E is based in space because earth has been trashed so badly that humans can’t live on it anymore and have fled to space. A robot called Wall E is left behind as a Waste Allocation Load Lifter to clean up the mess. He is all alone and one day meets a hovering egg-shaped robot named Eve. He falls in love with Eve and shows her a plant he found to show that there is still life on earth. They travel back to space where the humans live and where they have become obese and lazy on this massive spaceship called Axiom. The plan is to take the plant back to space, to show that earth is inhabitable again and that they can come back and repopulate it. However, the robot called Auto on the spaceship does not follow the instructions from the captain and causes major problems and destructions and Wall E, Eve, other robots and the humans all work together and fight the problem. At the end of the movie, Auto is destroyed, and all the robots and obese humans come out of the spaceship and get ready to farm and live life on earth again. In the movie the characters such as Wall-E and Eve never give up and have so much determination which is special message sent by this movie.

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Creative thinking is an important aspect in any business and in the movie this aspect is shown very Cleary as the level of technology in the Axiom is so highly advanced, the use of the robots and way that the spaceship is set up and programmed is very clever. All businesses in the present day should use where applicable this advanced side of technology as it is a creative way to get work done and have a better outcome of products. It could give them a competitive advantage in the market field and is a creative way to gain customers. In the movie the characters such as Eve and Wall- E have such a creative mind and the way that they think about situations is creative, not like normal people ideas. They think out of the box like in the movie when there is danger the way that they both escape and think of a strategy. In the 3 P model which consists of person, product, process. Wall-E as the person shows large amounts of motivation which is something every business need. He is so motivated to find Eve and to be with Eve and nothing stops him to achieve his goals.

Problem solving in a business is important when a problem arises, and the business needs to be prepared for any issues and should have a contingency plan in place. The way that Wall-E and Eve solve their problems in the movie is an example of how businesses should be prepared. For example, in the movie they have backup plans and back up resources in the spaceship for any problems that might arise. The spaceship has high levels of security and their system is so advanced that if one human falls of their chair that there is immediate assistance and the problem is fixed.

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Professionalism, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Professionalism is the qualities, aims that characterize a profession or a professional person. It is made up of honesty, integrity, specialized knowledge, competency, accountability and self-regulation. In the movie the characters such as Eve portray a very specialized knowledge and high level of thinking, she follows orders correct and does the right thing for the correct reasons. And you need people like Eve in a business who does the right things for the right reasons to benefit the business and follow instructions, no matter what they are. Eve did exactly what the Captain told her to do which portrays a very professional character. These robots also have a lot of experience in their field and know exactly what to do and a professional business man should have an intensive academic preparation. Auto who is the robot steering wheel of the ship is also an example of a professional character who works according to instructions given and is always there when the Captain needed him. These are the type of people businesses these day require to allow an efficient flow of business.

Business ethics is a form of applied ethics that examines ethical principles and moral problems that arise in a business. These ethics and values are the principles that guide a business. In the movie Auto which is the steering wheel robot is not very ethical because he causes major issues in the story and turns against the captain and other robots.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a self- regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public. This helps businesses in many ways such as having a better brand recognition, positive business reputation, increased sales and customer loyalty, better financial performance and operational costs savings. In the movie all the actions and decisions they make on the spaceship is to benefit the humans and life onboard and, in a business, CSR can help companies be conscious of the kind of impact that they are having on the society, economic, social, environment. In the movie the whole point of the humans living in space is to survive and then when earth is safe they must go back and repopulate earth and farm and create livestock and food on earth. The ways that the robots are working on the spaceship is working towards the plan of sustaining life once they reach earth. And in businesses the company should operate in ways that will enhance society and the environment. It should make a positive impact.

The Importance of Business going Green and the Sustainable use of Resources

Going green can improve the overall effiency of a business. Reducing unnecessary waste can save operating costs for any business. In the movie the message is brought across in the whole movie – how important plant life is. In modern days we forget the importance of plant life and the value of plants, in the movie they bring awareness to that as the plant in the movie resembled that there could be life on earth and it is possible to grow crops on earth again. These days businesses chop down forests for office space and is causing major deforestation which is very bad for the environment. Businesses should rather take actions and help the environment instead of helping to destroy it. Businesses that are going green are not only having a positive effect on the environment, but they also have an impact on their employees. They foster positive feelings throughout the business by demonstrating a commitment to a healthy world. It shows that the business cares about the employee’s world and health and is beneficial for the business and employee. In the movie it is shown how polluted the earth is and how humans can’t even live on it anymore and have to live in space which is like a warning to us that we need to take care of our planet because if we carry on like this then we could possibly destroy it and there will be no life on earth. And if businesses go green and create an impact it will help society and help the environment.

The Sustainable use of resources means that the use of components of biological diversity, thereby maintaining its potential and value to meet the needs of present and future generations. If businesses start reusing resources and use them clever we don’t need to throw out so much rubbish these days and reduce pollution. In the movie if any robot is broken or if a machine is broken, they fix it immediately with the materials they already have and reuse the machinery they have. All businesses should use their materials wisely and reuse products where they can to save resources and create less harm to our environment.

Conclusion and Core Theme of Movie

By watching the movie Wall- E, there are a lot of aspects about this movie that businesses should use and take note of. One of the main messages is to never give up and have determination. In the movie Wall-E is so determined to get to Eve and to be with Eve that he goes through so much trouble and risks to achieve his goal. All businesses should have such determination to achieve their goals. Another lesson is to not lose hope and it is a key entrepreneurial lesson for starting any business. In the movie Eve did not lose hope when Wall-E was hurt and could not respond to Eve. The movie also brings an awareness of automation and how robots replace the jobs of people and businesses should see that if robots take control that humans will get lazy and there are many dangers and risks with having robots in control. The movie has a lot of good lessons and messages that everyone can learn from especially businesses.

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