Javan Hawk-Eagle: The Endangered Eagle Species

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This Is a bird with the Latin name Javan Hawk-Eagle. This type of eagle is an endemic species native to Indonesia. Javanese eagle has its own characteristics compared to other types of eagles in the world. The following are some of the things that make Javanese eagles different from other types of eagles. There are at least 6 interesting facts or differences that exist in Javanese eagles. Some of the differences and uniqueness are:Javanese eagle is often also called an eagle. Garuda is a bird from ancient Javanese mythology that is still influenced by Hindu-Buddhist culture. The symbol of the Indonesian state is Pancasila, where the logo that we already know is in the form of a Garuda Bird gripping the ribbon with the slogan Bhinneka Tunggal Ika written on it. The slogan Bhinneka Tunggal Ika itself is a slogan that was put forward by Ki Hajar Dewantoro, he is one of the heroes of legend known as the Father of National Education.

When you look at a crested bird that adorns the front of the class, the bird will be very similar in shape to a crested Javanese Eagle, with other very similar physical features. Departing from here, birdwatchers often refer to it as an eagle, which is considered a native bird from Indonesia. Characteristics of the Javanese EagleAdult Javanese eagles have a sturdy body shape with thick fur. The length of an adult Javanese eagle reaches 60 cm, decorated with a crest at the top of the head that soars up and is black. The back feathers of the Javanese eagle are dark, while the feathers on the sides of the head are reddish brown, with vertical streaks on the throat. In the chest part of this legendary bird there are black horizontal lines with white background.

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The Javanese eagle flies by rounding its wings, then bending it upwards like the letter (V) with black lines on the edge of the wing.Judging from the map of the spread of fauna in Indonesia, Javanese eagles can only be found in their natural habitat, namely as the name suggests on Java. Even though Javanese eagles can also be found outside Java. So this unique type of bird you only get in captivity centers, or keepers who bring it from Java. This Javanese eagle prefers forest habitats with mountainous, hilly and highland areas and can even live up to an altitude of 3,000 M.dpl. This bird preys on small animals such as civets, rats, partridges or lizards. Usually the Java eagle lurks its prey from the tall tree canopy before swooping in on its prey. This bird will prey on small animal animals such as rat civet fowl until reptiles such as Javanese eagle-like lizards carry out surveillance behind the trees before then dipping sharply gripping their prey very accurately and then eating it gustily.

The Way of Life and Breeding of the Javan Hawk Eagle

Javanese eagles have a unique way of life where they include monogamous birds, they are loyal to their partners until their death picks them up in the age range of 3 to 4 years. Javanese eagle is an endangered animal due to massive ecosystem damage, especially in the area of Java. Massive hunting of eggs and brooders also contributed to the extinction of the Javanese Eagle. This happens very quickly even though this Javanese Eagle nest is located on a tree with a height of 40 to 50 meters. But the hunters were very familiar with this pattern so they could easily find Javanese eagle nests. Later they will bring eggs or puppies to be traded to rare bird birds hobbyists. The government has carried out various kinds of solutions to protect the Javanese Eagle from extinction including the ones listed in Government Regulation Number 7 of 1999 concerning the capture, hunting, buying and selling, and ownership of any reason for the Javanese Eagle.

Those who have been banned from activities for people who commit violations related to the PP can give the suspect a maximum sentence of up to 5 years in prison. The government has also sought captivity and nature reserves in the Javanese eagle's native habitat, but due to the lack of public awareness in preserving the Javanese eagle it is still very lacking.

Massive Javanese Eagle hunting continues even at least 22 Javanese eagles disappear from year to year as a result of the hunt for human ignorant hands. Thus the discussion of legendary Javanese eagles, hopefully can provide us with a broader knowledge of endemic birds from Indonesia, especially Java. May we care more about our environment and be wiser in dealing with various things related to endangered species such as the Javan eagle that deserve to be protected.

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