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Captivity Explored: Tale of Confinement in 'Ishmael'

Introduction The word Captivity can mean many things such as zoo animals being held captive by humans or African Americans put into slavery. Captivity is not only for animals but also for humans as such humans are captive in this thing called society. Captivity is...

Ishmael': Advocating for Ecological Harmony

Introduction Ishmael, written by Daniel Quinn, is often considered as a legendary masterpiece by many literary critics. The plot of Ishmael delves into the devastation that the human population has brought upon the world since the beginning and development of agriculture. There are two main...

Determinism and Free Will in 'Ishmael' and 'Slaughterhouse Five'

Introduction Determinism is the philosophical proposition that every action, event and decision is casually determined by an unbroken chain of prior occurrences. Free will is essentially understood as the capacity for one to control their actions, and to have the ability to do otherwise. But...

Ishmael Chapters Summary And Analysis

Chapter One The book starts off with the narrator questioning the seriousness of an ad he saw mentioning the desire to save the world. Later, he decides to give the office a visit and was expecting a long line of diverse people. When he first...

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