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Analysis Of Puritanism In The Works Of American Literature

Anthropology, the study of human societies and cultures and their developments, is almost always directly correlated with sociology which is the study of the structure and functioning of a society. The Puritans’ overarching anthropology was that God is completely sovereign and that man gets attached...

How Authors Portray The Hardships Of Their Life In Literary Works

Hardships has been a part of our daily life since the early days. The early settlements each faced a difficult time which formed our new world. The hardships of each writer went through has affected the course of history that we know of today. The...

The Power of Love as Described in Anne Bradstreet's' Poem

What is poetry? Poetry is an artistic writing that attempts to focus a reader’s imagination and emotions. A poet who is a person creates poetry by expressing ideas in a literal sense to an audience. Anne Bradstreet was born in 1612 in Northampton shire, England...

Colonialism and Puritan Mindset in Anne Bradstreet's Poetry

It is difficult to fathom going into someone’s home and not being a gracious guest. It is more incredulous to consider how, even if that standard of gratitude is not met, the homeowner would be treated as the interloper. So if you know the history...

Anne Bradstreet: A Poet Who Touched Hearts

Anne Bradstreet was an outstanding poet and one of many women that impacted the hearts of many passionate literature lovers. Bradstreet grew up in England and had wealthy parents causing her to become a well educated woman; being tutored in subjects such as literature, a...

Anne Bradstreet: A Woman Who Defied Gender Inequality in 17th Century Throuugh Poetry

Anne Bradstreet dedicated herself by writing about whatever she wanted to show her personal thoughts, emotions and experiences. This will be shown in relation to the way she was raised in a home that supports female literacy and how she rose with her poems through...

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