Information Communication Technologies In Mazda Company

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Information Communication Technologies (ICT) refers to the technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. This includes things such as internet and cell phones and have provided marketers with many new options to communicate with customers and potential customers.

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Over the recent years, Mazda has aimed to change their marketing strategy for their Mazda 3 product to a more digital manner. Digital marketing now makes up more than 40% of Mazda’s spending along with search interest and video views also sprouting. Mazda’s VP of Marketing, Russell Wager stated that “"We realized we needed to redefine how we engage with our customers, using modern day tools”. In today’s climate, approximately 75% of automobile shopping is done online and consumers in want or need for a car on average only visit 1-2 dealerships. Wager also stated that originally, Mazda had been extremely reliant on TV advertising, yet it is clear through the analytics that this method is not as successful as it used to be due to an ever-changing technological climate.

The main method Information Communication Technologies is used is in relation to the Mazda 3 is through its promotion, a key element of the marketing mix. Mazda are able to utilize Google Ad Works extremely well (or Search Engine Optimization). As on the 1st October 2018, if you type up “small car” into Google, Mazda’s website is at the top of the list, encouraging those who are in want of a small car to click on that link before any other. Mazda promote their Mazda 3 via an abundance of different pathways, however mainly via social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Russell Wager, Mazda’s VP of marketing stated that they are aiming for “more engagement on social channels”. For example, Mazda Australia uploaded a video to their YouTube channel in January 2014 about the Mazda 3’s new sleek design and performance capabilities, which got approximately 150,000 views.

Information Communication Technologies is also used to influence the price component of the marketing mix. Frequently, Mazda will show more TV advertisements or put out more social media content to illustrate to consumers that there are sales on. These sales give potential consumers more incentive to purchase a Mazda 3, especially if they had already been debating doing so beforehand.

Marketing Plan The marketing plan for a business or a product can be a very difficult task however it is one of the most critical things to do. Market plans are created to develop tactics and overall marketing strategy and includes things such as goals and costs.

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