Human Resources Management and Its Responsibilities

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Table of contents

  1. Human Resources Management
  2. Responsibilities Of Human Resource Management
  3. Procurement

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management (HRM or HR) is the strategic approach to deal with the compelling administration of individuals in an organization or association to such an extent that they help their business to gain an competitive advantage. It is intended to boost representative execution in administration of a business' key targets. Human Resources Management are responsible for recruitment of staff, training of new staff, staff planning and managing pay and benefit system of the company( Johnason, P. ,2009).

Responsibilities Of Human Resource Management

First of all, HR manager assist with recruitment processes by reviewing resumes, setting up interviews, reference checks, and preparing new hire packages. They are cooperate communicate with employees on any issues or matters related to work. They hire the new staff and giving training to new staff. HRM manage the work flow of training requests, registering employees for training programs and tracking training. They also provide overall support in office work such as maintain schedules, complete the file paperwork and functions related to reception. They support the employee’s events and wellness events. HRM develop and maintain the project plan and schedule(Human Resource team, n.d).

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Andrew Marsh founded Richardson GMP, Canada’s leading independent wealth management firm. Andrew started in investment analysis, they worked as an investment advisor for the organization who worked directly with clients. He founded and launched GMP Private Client in 2004. He is also a member of the Canadian Advisory Board for Right to Play Canada, a charity dedicated to helping disadvantaged children in Canada and around the world. (Richardson GMP)


Procurement is the demonstration of getting goods or services, commonly for business purposes. Procurement is most regularly connected with organizations since organizations need to request services or buy products, ordinarily on a generally large scale (J.Young,2019). Procurement budgets typically provide managers with a specific value they can spend to procure the goods or services they need. The process of procurement is often a key part of a company's strategy because the ability to purchase certain materials or services can determine if operations will be profitable (J.Young,2019).

Procurement is the act of obtaining goods and services. Procurement expenses depend on the procurement demand. In the Richardson company, procurement department interface operation with the contract manufacturers( Richardson Farm).

Richardson are truly invested in the future of agriculture. They believe that research and education are the keys to the growth and sustainability of their industry. Through Richardson Farms, they are committed to supporting and promoting Canadian agriculture( Richardson Farm). Kelburn Farm and Bennett Farm are Richardson’s research and demonstration facilities in Western Canada. At these facilities, they put the latest technologies and techniques to the test under real growing conditions in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Whether testing new seed varieties or trying out the latest crop input products before they go to market, the work being done at the Richardson Farms is innovative and exciting( Richardson Farm).

Richardson International is taking over 19 Canadian grain elevators, 13 attached farm retail outlets, a grain post terminal in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and a one quarter interest in a post terminal at Vancouver. The assets will fill gaps in the company’s collection system- such as in west central Saskatchewan- which should add to farmer’s choices in pockets of the Prairies. Richardson International said the reduced dominance of one company should benefit western Canadian farmers through increased choice and competition for their business(C.Cattaneo,2012).

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