Human Population Leads to Environment Depopulation

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'How is it possible that the most intellectual creature to ever walk on Earth is destroying its only home?' It is a question that truly challenged my mind and made me rethink some things. One of the first thoughts that had immediately popped into my mind was: 'Is the world better off without humans?' Then after reflecting, I realized that I have come to a dead end and have resulted to the answer 'Yes' Why? For it is the ungratifying but definitely undeniable truth, we are supposed to be the ones maintaining the Earth's livelihood, nourishing it, making it even greener, making it flourish and look lively, but why does it seem like we are the ones killing it? Not a single moment in the time span of our growth population, was there a time when the health of the Earth has come close to how healthy it was before humans.

Each and every one of us have been exploring in the deep vasts of Earth, breathing, consuming, quenching our thirsts, needs, and wants, not even realizing that we may have gone too far and greedy. Sure, there are ways to reduce Earth destruction and depletion, but it's still not enough to tend to the cruel acts of people towards the Earth, natural resources could be gotten so quickly, but regeneration of these resources could take more than a few years. For us to further understand this matter, I will be able to help by giving four supporting details upon this matter.

As we all know, people, could be desperate in general, especially in times of sickness or when their needs are not taken care of, there will be accumulation of desperation for food, water, clothes, shelter, and worst of all, desperation for money. All of these needs are tended to by our Mother Nature, but desperation of money takes it all too far, just think of every single thing that we buy, actually everything that surrounds us, your clock, bags, jackets, watches, and even this paper and ink you're looking at right now, it is all from nature, we are just the ones making it usable for our own sakes. 

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At the time of desperation for money, one would not hesitate to find a natural resource that could be turned into something useful to humans and sell in the market to eagerly receive a penny on their hands so mindlessly. People are designated to want more and more of something, we could never be satisfied, we ask for desserts after we eat, beggars ask for more money after they get the amount that they need, smokers wouldn't stop after a stick of cigarette, billionaires still work for more money, so it is given that we would not stop right after we get what we need. Approximately there is a population of 7.7 billion people on Earth as of now and it is not far from expanding some more, accumulating to more needs and unnecessary wants to attend to and this could not only lead to deeper depletion of the natural resources, but the doom of nature and mankind.

Let’s all be frank here, we could not live without the Earth, but the Earth could live on its own without humans. In short, we need the Earth more than the Earth needs us. Just imagine if the Earth didn't have humans living in it, here are some of the facts. Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide would still occur between plants and animals. Ozone depleting gases coming from machines and harmful substances would not be produced and therefore will not damage the Ozone Layer. Natural resources will continue to regenerate freely without anyone consuming or taking advantage of them 4.Moss, plants, trees, and vines will continue to flourish and would result to fresher air.

Extinct animals would be able to reproduce freely without any human hunting them and threatening their existence, the food chain among animals will keep their population balanced 6.Any wastes that would be produced will decompose itself and would not increase into a mountain of insoluble trash. The Earth has its own ways to save itself, but humans need everything the Earth has to offer in order to survive. The expanding population of the people depopulates our natural resources. It is just like taking in a stray dog and giving it shelter but it ended up biting you to death.

We are losing our forest for many reasons. Deforestation as we know it and its devastating environmental effects would not be possible if the government are prioritizing and aiming for a greener environment for the future generation. Any person can be locked up in a cell whoever directly or indirectly cuts, smuggle timber, or any kind of forest products, either from public or private forests, whether under license or lease in violating the law shall be guilty of the crime of qualified theft. Agriculture is the largest contributor to deforestation. 

Huge sections of forests are cut down or being burned down because there are no room for livestock or plant crops. But farmers aren’t the only Lets us be the judge here, I don’t see anyone being responsible for this kind of act our forests or any kind of land forms are being shaved off like a bald man’s hair. Yes, for some reason we are doing these inhumane acts for our needs, but should we really think of what kind of paper we need to write on today and not the environment or planet that were going to be living for a hundred more decades. 

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