How I Have Turned My Fail Into An Achievement

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Most of the essays you will read are about people bragging about their achievements and never talk about the failures that got them to that point. Of course, you only want people to hear good things about you, not the bad traits. I believe that the process is more important than the success itself because you have learned many valuable things during that journey. I’ve heard that wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from failure. I have failed and I have turned it into an achievement. It all started with an F.

Receiving an F isn’t the worst thing that has happened to me, but is also something that people don’t need to see on a college application. It started at the beginning of 7th-grade printed in bold next to History on my progress report. I already saw my chances of getting into my desired high school were set in flames and the school year has just begun. 7th-grade grades are what high schools look at to see if they want to accept me.

What am I doing? I am not a student that often gets an F. I will get an occasional C, but I am mostly an A or a B student. F’s are not for me, and it has gotten my attention to do something. The reason I got an F was that I did not study for a test and I failed which brought my grade down. I know had many foolish reasons not to study and this was my punishment.

I had a few options. I could accept that I had an F or I could study for the next test and complete all assignments to bring my grade to a passing C or higher. I remember that I did bring up my grade, but I have forgotten how. I have realized that while I have overlooked how I brought my grade up, but I never forgot the grade. Thus, this grade is more important than how I improved it because I now know that I will do my best in everything to prevent this from happening again.

Imagine if I had gotten a C it would have been sheer luck, but it could’ve happened. If I had succeeded rather than failing, I would have learned nothing. Or I would learn that I don’t need to study for my history tests, which is the opposite of what people should learn.

I chose to work harder and because of that F, I learned the importance of studying. I knew the problem and the solution, but it was not easy. I slowly brought my grade up through assignments and quizzes. At the end of the quarter, I’ve gotten a better grade. If I didn’t fail I would have learned nothing and would have done worse on the next test, since I knew that studying was not important. Instead, failing made me take the correct path and go to college with experience on just how important hard work can be. You may say that I may have bragged a little bit.

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