How Freedom of Speech is Used Today

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Freedom of speech is beneficial in many different ways because people around the United States are able to express what they feel about certain things that goes around America, but it can lead to extreme cases like talking about religious, race and many other groups that won't completely agree with what you think is right. Being able to say what you think is right is a amazing thing in today’s age but there’s always gonna things that people will disagree with what you think is right. Sometimes saying something could offend other groups such as race, religious, and many more and could end up into a fight. Freedom of speech is being able to say what you think is right without being punished by the government. However there are always consequences to those who goes over their limits and abuse their freedom of saying what they want.

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In United States, we have the freedom of saying whatever we want. We can say things that were thinking about without getting killed, arrested, or punished by the government because of the First Amendment. We have the rights to post whatever on social networking about our opinions on politics. We can have signs saying that other countries is better than America just because that’s what we feel. We can have books explaining that other countries are better than our country and how they have more great things going on thiers.

There will be a lot of people that will disagree with your opinion but that is your rights to free speech and that’s still protected under the law. In the speech by Abraham Lincoln’s the “Second Inaugural Address” (line 36-37) says that “Let us judge not, that we be not judged.” It basically mean that if you don’t want to be judged, then don’t judge other people.

The First Amendment allows us to say what we want but that doesn’t mean we can. There is always going to be a limit on what we want to say. You’re not allowed to hurt other people to get what you want. You can beat your competition by having a better repetition and better population but you’re not allowed to threaten people using speech and you’re not allowed to say falls information because they might believe what you say and get them in trouble, that will be called fraud. Free speech means argue your opinions and speak out with what you consider to be in justices as long as you don’t threaten or abuse people. You have the freedom to share whatever is on your mind.

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