Positive Effects Of Emancipation Proclamation And Amendments

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African Americans achieved almost equal freedom. America was the place for them. African Americans had plenty of things to help them out in America to get freedom those were 13th, 14th, 15, Amendments, Sit ins, Marches, The civil rights movement and the emancipation proclamation.

The 13th Amendment help out African American. African Americans would not go back into slavery after this was approved. It abolished slavery in the U. S. and provides that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude. This shows that that this stop slavery and help a lot of people from being in a situation they didn't want to be in. This is an positive affect because now whites can not make African Americans do slavery and work them and not pay them for all the labor they did to them. This 14th Amendment help African Americans out. Now, people can not take others for no apparent reason. It's freedom, property or people can not be taken if not proven guilty in the court of law or process of law. This shows that people shall not take people or their belonging or property without being proven guilty in the court of law. This was positive affect on African Americans because now they cant have their things token for no reason just because of their skin color.

The 15th Amendment help out African Americans. If you were born a African American slave you could not be denied a right to vote. Citizens should not be denied the right to vote based on race color, or servitude. This shows that you should not be denied the right to vote based on race, gender and religion. This is positive because you can not be denied of what you were born into.

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African Americans used sit in as a non-violent protest. This was to show whites African Americans was not going to take the racism and discrimination no more. Sit ons were non-violent, which caused whites to be more aggressive towards African American. This shows that it is important because it made African Americans able to go get service at restaurant the same as all the others whites and other races. This was positive thing because this helps other get the right service and have all the other privileges as whites.

African Americans did non-violent protest marches to help them get rights. When the people marched they were tryna make a point they were not going to stop until they were giving rights and justice. The selma to montgomery march was part of a series of civil rights protest that occurred in 1965 in Alabama, a southern state with deeply entrenched racist policies. This shows that they don't use violence because they want to get a point across that they want to have freedom. This is positive because they showed that they want to be free and get justice without using violence and they didn’t want to get hurt but they went through everything in their power to get us to what we are today.

African Americans were affected by jim crow laws negatively. Jim crow laws were laws put in place to discriminate against blacks. These laws affected African Americans by restricting or taking our rights and being equal. This shows that even though African American was free these laws were still put in place to make us feel like we were still in slavery. Theses laws were negative because they were still put in place to discriminate make it feel like we were in slavery and to keep us held back.

African Americans were greatly help by the civil rights. The civil rights movement was a to overall get African American and minorities rights. The rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. This shows that everybody had god given rights and that people keep trying to them from African Americans so people had a movement about it. This was a positive thing because a lot of people helped get it back right for mainly African Americans and Minorities.

The emancipation proclamation help African Americans positively. This explains all they slaves and others that are helped against their will shall be sat free. The proclamation declared “That all persons held as slaves within the rebellious states “Are, and hence forward shall be free. ” This shows that they slavery was not constitutional and that if people did not want to be their they would leave at any point and their could not be hard labor. This was positive because this was the thing that was supposed to end slavery it ended most of it but their were still parts in the U. S with slavery still in it.

All of these different things that help African Americans and negatively affected them were put in place. If it was not for all of this they went through we probably still be in slavery or being discriminated against and their would probably be a lot of segregation.

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